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Chapter 470: Great Opportunity That Had Been Handed to Him

Sure enough, as she had expected, during the entire day, Li Sinuo kept approaching the back row where Yun Xi and Yang Lu were sitting.

She either pulled classmates aside to talk near them, or she deliberately went to the back row to discuss problems with others who were sitting there.

Yun Xi realized that she was purposely trying to spy on them.

Taking advantage of some spare time during study hall, Yun Xi sent a message to Han Yaotian, inviting him to join her for a meal since it was Christmas.

There was usually a group of bodyguards around him, and it wasnt easy to get close to him.

And as the antidrug team led by Mu Feichi pursued the Crocodile organization, it was impossible for Han Yaotian and those protecting him not to be growing anxious.

The people who had been sent out to kidnap Han Yaotian last time had all been wiped out, so they had never had to surrender the list.

The Han family had strengthened their vigilance.

The longer the delay, the easier it was for the people on the list to become exposed.

There was no movement from the people on the list.

It was obvious that the list was either still in the hands of the Han family or Mu Feichi was waiting for his opportunity.

From the looks of the Han familys lineup of bodyguards, the man who was Mu

Feichis target had probably guessed that the list was still in the hands of the Han family.

Therefore, all his attention was now focused on Han Yaotian.

It was just that Han Yaotian had so many bodyguards around him, it wasnt easy to approach him.

He had asked Li Sinuo to watch Yun Xi and make a move as soon as she saw them together.

At noon, Yun Xi and Yang Lu had stayed in the classroom doing math problems.

They were deliberately delaying their meal time.

There were only three people in the classroom: Yun Xi, Yang Lu, and Li Sinuo.

Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuo, who was pretending to do her homework but was obviously alert and trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

She chuckled lightly.

“Lulu, do you remember Chairman Han from the other day Hes invited us to a big feast on Christmas.

Do you want to go”

“Sure! Of course Im going to join in the fun if someone is treating us to a meal.

Its going to be very lively everywhere today since its Christmas.”

After a slight pause, Yun Xi stood up and looked toward Li Sinuo.

“Li Sinuo, since its Christmas, would you like to have a meal together”

Upon hearing Yun Xi call out her name, Li Sinuo froze.

She turned her head sheepishly, as if she was completely surprised that Yun Xi would invite her anywhere.

“Someone else will be paying.

Do you want to go or not”

Yang Lu also urged her to join them.

“Lets go to keep each other company.

We should go out for a nice meal to celebrate Christmas.”

Li Sinuo hesitated.

Of course she was aware that Yun Xi must have some ulterior motives for inviting her.

After all, with all the bad blood between them, she would never sincerely invite her out to spend Christmas together.

After suffering at her hands so many times, Li Sinuo had become apprehensive and was always on guard.

But when she thought of the task that her boyfriend had assigned her to do, she struggled with the decision.

She finally nodded.

“All right then, thank you.

Ill go too.”

“Okay, great.

Yun Xi, when will Chairman Han come to pick us up”

“Probably when schools over this afternoon.

Last time, I went to eat Western food with Yumo.

This time, the three of us will go together.

Chairman Han is rich and dumb anyway.”

“Okay, then its settled.”

Taking advantage of the lunch break, Li Sinuo hurriedly sent a message to her boyfriend to tell him about their plans to go out for dinner that night after school.

Upon receiving this news, the man hesitated.

He hadnt expected his opportunity to come so soon.

However, he wasnt going to pass up this chance.

He went to the school and waited in his car at the school gates for Han Yaotian to walk into his trap.

Because Mu Feichi had taken Yun Xi away from him the last time theyd been together, Han Yaotian realized that Yun Xi was probably very important to Mu Feichi.

They were both men, and from Mu Feichis hostile attitude toward him, it wasnt difficult to discern that girls importance in Young Marshal Mus mind.

That being the case, Yun Xi could be extremely useful to him.

In order to maintain a cordial relationship between them, during Christmas, a holiday little girls have all sorts of fantasies about, treating her to a meal was a great opportunity that had been handed to him.

Moreover, this opportunity had been initiated by Yun Xi.

It would be foolish of him to refuse.

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