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Chapter 471: I Cant Discipline You!

Before school ended, Yun Xi received a message from Mu Feichi, saying that the man theyd been shadowing was lying in ambush at the school gates and asking her if she had started to make her move.

Yun Xi couldnt deny that if she wanted to set up this trap she would inevitably have to ask Mu Feichi for help.

But as soon as shed told him that shed invited Han Yaotian out for a meal, hed immediately called her.

“How many times have I told you not to use yourself as bait Babe, are you trying to rebel against me”

Mu Feichis voice sounded sullen on the other end of the phone.

It seemed that no matter how she explained it to him, it was unforgivable of her to involve herself.

“Um…can we discuss this If I dont personally get involved in this matter, Han Yaotian alone wont lure the fish.

Han Yaotian is the bait, and Im the fisherman.”

Had it not been for Lin Sens involvement, she would have acted first and reported later.

She was now planning to settle Lin Sen and Li Sinuo in one fell swoop, but now, if Mu Feichi disagreed, her plan couldnt be carried out.

Because she needed the help of Mu Feichis Mu Corporation to deal with this dangerous man in the end.

She couldnt do it alone.

If her plan alarmed that man before the time was right, it would be difficult for them to lure that man out again.

“What bait What fisherman I think youre playing with fire.

Todays plan is cancelled.”

“No, its impossible.

The bait has already lured out the fish.

I need your cooperation.

Also, you have to get me the medicine I want.

The place for dinner today is the Sigda Hotel.

Familiarize yourself with the terrain near the hotel, and do your preparations beforehand.

Ive studied the topographic map of Shangxin Road.

That is the most suitable route.

Once their people show up, you must take care of it.”

“You are getting more and more out of line.

I cant discipline you!”

Listening to his conversation, Li Zilan, who had been sitting on the sofa while discussing future plans with Mu Feichi, couldnt help but sneer when she heard him say that.

If he really had the ability to discipline that girl, he wouldnt be fuming with rage at the moment.

“I dont agree with this plan.

Dont you dare act recklessly!”

She made all the decisions, acted first, and then reported afterward.

He hadnt had the slightest mental preparation.

She was really going to kill him from exploding with anger.

This morning, she had just promised him that she wouldnt act recklessly.

And now she was going to use herself as bait…

She clearly had already planned everything without telling him because she had wanted to do it herself.

He was fuming with rage.

“Im not acting recklessly.

If that man doesnt make a move, you guys wont get any damaging information about him either.

He seems like an average researcher on the surface, but this time hes taking a huge risk by making a move, and this is an excellent opportunity.

We can lure him out in one fell swoop.”

“Its easy to say, but what about after we capture him If he refuses to betray Crocodile, how do you plan on luring Crocodile out”

“Isnt there still a list The list is in your hands.

You can get to them one by one.

I dont believe that Crocodile will remain calm then.”

“Then youre underestimating Crocodile.

Do you think he cares about the lives of these small potatoes In order to save themselves, when some people are forced into a dead end, they will ruthlessly cut loose ends.”

“But no matter what, this is also an opportunity.

I know how to take care of myself without putting myself in danger.”

“You may, but have you considered your classmates With the three of you, you would be lucky if youre able to mind just yourself.”

“Thats why I told you to prepare the medicine.

I will distract Lulu, and, as for Li Sinuo, you have to prepare what I asked, or shell slip through the net! Ill give you five minutes to think about it.”


“It must be negotiated!”

“,,,..” The two of them were in a stalemate.

She wouldnt give in, and Mu Feichi wouldnt compromise.

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