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Chapter 472: Be Careful Not to Stuff Yourself Too Full

Li Zilan finally couldnt stand to watch this anymore, and she interjected with a slight sigh, “All right now, with her temperament, you know you cant stop her.

This time, she informed you in advance.

If you dont agree, next time, she might not even tell you even after she does something.

Instead of being kept in the dark in the future, you might as well use this opportunity to fulfill her needs and fully cooperate to reduce the danger.

Besides, that person is not only our target but also her target.

Its rare for you two to have the same target, so you two might as well strive together.

Wouldnt it be better to resolve it earlier and to be at peace earlier”

Mu Feichi glanced at Li Zilan coldly.

“You and Qi Yuan will go there.

No matter what, you must ensure her safety first of all.”

Li Zilan shrugged, stood up, and walked out without saying anything further.

On the other end of the phone, Yun Xi heard Li Zilans voice and knew that Mu Feichi had agreed to her decision.

“Young Marshal Mu, do you agree”

“Does whether or not I agree matter” Mu Feichi snorted coldly with undisguised jealousy in his gloomy voice.

“Asking Han Yaotian to spend Christmas together…you really know how to choose your timing.”

“That excuse is the most effective way to lure the snake out of the cave.

No one will doubt it today, right”

“You can go for a meal, but be careful not to stuff yourself too full.” Mu Feichi snorted coldly and hung up the phone.

After putting away her phone, Yun Xi glanced at Han Yaotian who, with an impeccable smile on his face, had gotten out of the car at the school gates.

Han Yaotian was surrounded by a group of bodyguards.

The incredible scene made Yang Lu exclaim in astonishment.

Upon seeing the imposing array, Li Sinuo was also taken aback by the formidable scene.

She looked at Han Yaotian with envy and admiration in her eyes.

After all, a man like him who had looks, a good family background, and was approachable enough to be willing to humble himself to come to this school was rare.

Such a man had been her lifelong pursuit.

Compared to the man who currently possessed her, this man was obviously a notch higher.

Yun Xi nonchalantly glanced at Li Sinuos worshipful eyes, which had an infatuation that only she could discern.

Li Sinuo liked this kind of powerful, wealthy, and handsome man.

Such a man was her ideal and would make it easier for Yun Xi to get everything she wanted.

Yun Xi thought about how Li Sinuo would definitely do whatever it took to obtain such a man.

When the three of them got into the car, Yun Xi deliberately asked Han Yaotian, “Chairman Han, I brought my classmates over for the meal as well, you dont mind, do you”

“Why would I” Han Yaotian smiled.

Even though he was unhappy, he had to maintain his smile to make her happy.

After all, she was a young girl, and, even though he had just graduated from university, how could he not understand how to coax a little girl

“Lets go to the Sigda Hotel today.

I heard that the Chinese food there is delicious.

And it has a wonderful Christmas ambience.”

“Okay, then lets go to the Sigda Hotel.”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded.

She and Li Sinuo were sitting by the windows in the back seat, and Yang Lu sat in the middle.

Yun Xi deliberately leaned over to talk to Han Yaotian, and Yang Lu also looked toward Yun Xi.

The two of them seemed to be deliberately ignoring Li Sinuo.

Originally, Li Sinuo had felt a little unhappy, but seeing that the two of them werent paying any attention to her, she seized the opportunity to take out her phone and quietly send a message.

Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuos reaction through the rearview mirror and curled her lips mockingly.

Very good, the fish had bitten the bait.

This time, no matter what the result was, she had to drag Li Sinuo into the water.

She had never liked harming others or setting others up, provided that they didnt cross her bottom line.

But Li Sinuo had not only stepped on it, but also crossed the boundary very unceremoniously, so she shouldnt blame her for being merciless.

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