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Chapter 473: Catching Them in the Act

After receiving the address sent by Li Sinuo, the man searched the terrain near the Sigda Hotel on the computer.

The area near the hotel was a leisure and entertainment area with mostly high-end clubs and entertainment venues.

There wasnt much traffic during the day, and the busiest hours were at night.

There were many main roads and small roads nearby.

From the terrain, as long as the right location was selected, this place would be easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Such a good opportunity simply made their plans even more perfect.

After pondering for a while, Lin Sen picked up his phone and contacted his subordinate.

“When the car comes near, make your moves at the Y-shaped intersection.

All of you, wait for news from me.”

“Boss, your woman is also inside.

If you arent careful…”

“Keep her alive!”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Sens cold eyes fell on the electronic map on the computer, and his eyes darkened.

This time, if they couldnt catch Han Yaotian and force the Han family to hand over the list, he knew, that after two consecutive attacks, the Han family definitely wouldnt give them any more chances to make their moves.

He might even end up exposing himself.

So no matter what, it must be resolved in one fell swoop.

At the same time that Lin Sen gave his orders, Mu Feichi was ordering his subordinates to rush to the Y-shaped intersection in advance.

Under a big tree in the woods, Feng Rui was lying in ambush.

Lazily leaning against the tree trunk, Mu Feichi held a green bristlegrass and rested with eyes closed.

Feng Rui turned his head and looked at Young Marshal Mu, who appeared completely absentminded.

He felt baffled about Young Marshal Mus attitude.

He was acting as if they were merely on a pleasant outing.

He glanced at Mu Feichi with some worry, then asked in a low voice, “Young Marshal Mu, if the other party doesnt choose this place, wouldnt we have come here for nothing”

“This is a Y-shaped intersection.

Its the best location.

Its easy to defend and difficult to attack.

There are several retreat routes.

If they dont come here, where else would they go Even that girl could grasp this, so why cant you”

Feng Rui realized that the location had actually been chosen by Yun Xi this time.

Young Marshal Mu was really bold.

Hed dared to let a rookie make this sort of choice that was integral to their plans success or failure.

If the other party didnt choose this place, wouldnt they lose their opportunity

“Turns out that the girl made the arrangements.

What about the retreat plan”

Feng Rui looked dumbfounded.

He wasnt there when theyd made the decisions.

He had been brought over at the last minute.

“Get rid of everyone except for the man.”

“Huuhh Why Our target is the man.”

“Its the girls plan.

Why are you asking so many questions Just force him away.”

“Our place is far from the main road.

Do you want us to chase after him”

“Theres no need to chase.

He only has few paths for escape.

As long as he dares to take Li Sinuo as a hostage, theres only one place he can go.

I have people waiting there.”

“Why do you want to force him to escape Do you want to catch the couple together”

Li Zilan peeled off the wrapper from her chewing gum and kicked Feng Rui in frustration.

“Why do you blabber so much Cant you tell what the girls ulterior motives are”

“Huh Why is that girl interested in catching them in the act”

“Idiot!” Speechless, Li Zilan rolled her eyes at him, then lay down on the grass to wait for their prey to walk into the trap.

She didnt even take Mu Feichi seriously, so why would she take Feng Rui seriously.

The Mu Corporations people had infiltrated the ranks of Han Yaotians bodyguards.

All they had to do was protect the girls safety and force him to escape.

The rest depended on the good show that the girl had arranged.

Although they werent interested in petty drama among underage girls, they had no choice but to watch, since Young Marshal Mu was interested in an underage girl.

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