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Chapter 478: In The Same Boat

“Chairman Han, you know what status Young Marshal Mu has.

Im just an ordinary person.

Do you think I have the ability to order him to do things You overestimate me!”

Han Yaotians face froze.

“I didnt mean that.

I was worried too.”

Yun Xi sneered, “Moreover, the other party came for you, so it has nothing to do with us.

Both my classmate and I were dragged into the mess because of you.

Young Marshal Mu coming to our rescue would be a huge favor, but if he doesnt come its perfectly understandable as well.

As long as we dont go out, were safe inside this car.”

Her comforting words were totally unable to calm down Han Yaotian, and even Li Sinuo became increasingly anxious and irritable.

Upon seeing that Yun Xi was still so calm, she became livid with anger.

“Yun Xi, stop being sarcastic as if this has nothing to do with you.

Everyone is now in the same boat.

You should also help us find a way! If we really get kidnapped, it wont do you any good either!”

“What can I do Are telling me to go out What a joke!”

“Then call Young Marshal Mu again.”

As soon as Li Sinuo finished speaking, she saw several cars ramming towards their way from outside.

The loud crash caused Li Sinuo to panic.

Screaming loudly, Li Sinuo held her head and hid under the seat.

Looking at the bodyguards dodging outside, Yun Xi sat quietly, then turned to the bodyguard who was sitting on the drivers seat and said, “Their target is Chairman Han.

Let the car in front of you get out of the way.

Lets leave!”

The bodyguard snapped back to reality and through the headset, he hurriedly issued the order to the bodyguard in the other car.

The car in front just gave way, and the car Yun Xi was in hadnt even driven two meters before two cars quickly drove out of the bushes from both sides of the road and slammed into them!

With two bangs, the two cars on the left and right slammed into the door.

They directly jammed Han Yaotians car and blocked their way in a domineering and brutal manner.

The impact of the collision was too great, and Yun Xi happened to be sitting in the passenger seat.

The strong impact force knocked her aside!

There was a tingling painful sensation in her arms!

The car was forced to stop.

From the left and right, a group of people rushed out of the car while dragging heavy hammers in their hands.

Han Yaotian couldnt keep his calm when he saw the group of people with masks over their faces.

“Yun Xi, wheres Young Marshal Mu Why hasnt he come yet!”

“How would I know!” Clutching her arm, Yun Xi replied angrily.

Outside the passenger seats car window, a masked man with a hammer began to smash the dented car door.

Curled up under the seat of the car, Li Sinuo heard the sound of someone smashing the glass.

She raised her head and saw that the window glass was cracked like spider webs.

“Ah” Li Sinuo screamed while holding her head.

When the masked man who smashed the window outside the passenger seat heard the scream, he paused.

Yun Xi perceptively noticed the hesitation in his movements.

She unlocked the car door, bent her leg and kicked him hard.

The man outside was forcefully hit by the opened car door as soon as he lifted the hammer, and the lifted hammer fell to the ground with a bang.

Yun Xi seized the opportunity to rush out of the car and slammed onto the door.

Just as she was about to get the knife on the ground, a knife was placed beside her neck.

“Dont move!” Yun Xi retracted her hand, then raised both hands and stood up.

Upon seeing her, Lin Sen narrowed his eyes.

His sharp knife pressed against Yun Xis neck, and he threatened in a low voice, “Let Han Yaotian come down, or Ill kill you first!”

Yun Xi tugged the corners of her mouth.

“Brother, you overestimate me.

As for whether or not Chairman Han wants to come down, you have to ask him!”

With that said, Yun Xi raised her hand and tapped on the glass window of the back seat.

“Chairman Han, this man is looking for you!”

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