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Chapter 479: Selfishness

Sitting in the car, Han Yaotian was holding onto the door nervously while looking at Yun Xi, who was standing outside with a man holding a knife to her neck.

He was in a dilemma.

Through the window, he could see Yun Xi standing with her head held high.

Under the dim light, her eyes were calm and tranquil.

In those eyes, he didnt see the slightest hints of fear or terror.

As a little girl, she could be so brave and fearless.

But he, a grown man, was hiding in the car and waiting for others to protect him.

For a moment, he felt extremely ashamed in comparison to the resilient little girl outside the car window.

Not wanting to hide anymore, he raised his hand to open the door, but Li Sinuo yanked him back when he touched the handle.

“Chairman Han, dont open that door.

Youll be dead meat if you get out.

Their target is you, not Yun Xi.

They wont hurt her anyway.

Just let her be the bait to prolong the delay.

As soon as Young Marshal Mu arrives, well be saved.”

Han Yaotian glanced at Yun Xi outside the car, then shook off Li Sinuos hand.

Her selfishness and Yun Xis bravery instantly formed a sharp contrast in his mind.

“No! I cant abandon Miss Yun.”

If he really hid in the car at this time, Yun Xi would probably despise him for life.

There would be no chance of anything between him and her ever again in the future, and he shouldnt expect to have any excuse to approach her.

If he still wanted to use her to get close to Young Marshal Mu and form close relationships with the Jiang family and the Chen family in the future, that would be a daydream.

As long as he stalled for time until Young Marshal Mu arrived, there was still a chance.

Before Li Sinuo could say anything more, he opened the door and got out of the car.

In response to Han Yaotians pretentiously feigned heroism at this moment, Yun Xi felt that she really had to reexamine Han Yaotians forbearance threshold.

Had it not been for his self-interest in keeping her as a friend, Han Yaotian would never have cared about her life or death.

When Han Yaotian got out of the car, Lin Sen stretched out his hand quickly as he continued to clasp Yun Xis neck tightly, still aiming his knife at her neck.

“Chairman Han, you are very well aware of our intentions.

Hand over the list and the batch of goods.”

“The list and the goods arent in my hands anymore.

What are you asking me to hand in”

“Who elses hands could they be in besides yours It wont be that easy for your Han family to burn bridges after crossing the river.”

“The list is now in Young Marshal Mus hands.

If you want the list, you have to find Young Marshal Mu.

Theres no use in asking me.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Call Young Marshal Mu and ask him to send the list, otherwise you will all die.”

“Yun Xi…” Han Yaotian hesitated and looked at Yun Xi.

He didnt have Young Marshal Mus contact information, and, even if he did, Young Marshal Mu might not answer him.

“I have sent a message to Young Marshal Mu.

He…he will be here soon…”

Yun Xi shrugged, moving Lin Sens arm that was holding the knife a bit, and then she seized the opportunity to make a few gestures in the dim night.

Lin Sen thought she had summoned her rescuers over.

His eyes grew cold, and the knife against her neck pushed in closer.

He opened his mouth to threaten her, “Call again, and tell him that he can only come here alone.

If I see him with anyone else, you both will die.”

“Okay, Ill call.” Yun Xi pretended to tremble as she took out her phone from her pocket and called Mu Feichi.

In the forest not that far away, Li Zilan was looking at the figure being held by Lin Sen on the highway through binoculars.

She commanded Feng Rui, “There are six targets.

The three on the left will be for you to deal with, and three on the right will be for me to deal with.”

As far as close combat was concerned, taking care of these people would be no problem.

Feng Rui turned his head and glanced at her.

“What about Lin Sen Didnt you see that he has our Young Marshal Mus darling as a hostage”

If that girl got injured, even the slightest bit, there was no way Young Marshal Mu wouldnt be enraged.

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