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Chapter 484: Chapter 488: His Protectiveness Was Unreasonable and Had No Limits

Knowing that he was worried about her, Yun Xi caressed his face, hoping to make him feel better.

Her soft hands felt warm and smooth touching his face.

It seemed as if she was trying to please him.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes to look at her.

Even if he was angry with her, upon seeing the pleading look on her face, no matter how great his anger was, it would be quelled.

Even extremely fine steel could be melted by her hands.

He had never believed that before, but now that he had fallen head over heels in love with her, he was forced to believe it.

“In the future, you are not allowed to act first and report to me later, otherwise…”

“Never again!” Yun Xi glanced at him and quickly replied.

Fearing that he wouldnt believe her, she also stretched out her hand to make a vow.

“I promise.

I will discuss it with you if I have something to do in the future.

Its just…”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Just what”

“Im afraid that after you learn about the schemes Im planning against catty girls, that I might appear very vicious, hateful, and cruel to you.”

For some reason, she didnt want him to see her unscrupulous side.

The conspiracies and scheming among girls, when it went to the extreme, had no limits in terms of viciousness and vindictiveness.

She really didnt want him to see her like that.

She had a bottom line, and if her bottom line was stepped on, she would leave no way out for those who had crossed the line.

“Youre different from them.” Mu Feichi raised his hand and caressed her head.

“Your bottom line is higher than their morals.

No matter what you do, I will support you.

The most important thing for me is that you must ensure your own safety.

Otherwise, I dont want you to even think about doing anything.”

He had always been protective of her, and his protectiveness was unreasonable and had no limits.

If anyone dared to lay hands on his woman, he didnt care how cruel her method of payback would be because she was what he cared about.

Making a solemn guarantee, Yun Xi nodded.

“I have a strong sense of self-preservation.

I wont pull myself into the water without full assurance.”

“Its great that you have a strong sense of self-preservation.” Mu Feichi snorted softly, threw the towel in the sink, and pulled her out of the bathroom.

With her lying on the bed and Mu Feichi sitting on the edge of the bed, he poured out some rubbing alcohol and lightly rubbed it on the large bruise on her waist.

Such a big bruise on her pale skin was a terrible eyesore.


Yun Xi turned her head abruptly and gave the man an annoyed glare.

Her glare made Mu Feichis eyebrows rise.

He began to vent his anger.

“So, you do actually feel pain Bear it!”

“Cant you be gentler Dont you know how to be soft and gentle Young Marshal Mu!”

“Excuse me.

Im only soft and gentle to women, and not to tomboys.”

He was still blaming her for rushing forward recklessly, so he didnt go gentle on her.

He clearly wanted to use this opportunity to teach her a lesson.

Yun Xi gritted her teeth from the pain.

She kept gasping.

Turning her head and glaring at him, she gritted her teeth and said, “Youre acting like a three-year-old, cant you be more mature”

When he got angry and willful, he acted extremely immaturely.

Shed thought that as long as she gave in to him the matter would be over, but…

However, the worst torture was still yet to come.

Mu Feichis face was calm and composed.

He looked at her with a very serious expression, as if she was the one who was being unreasonable and immature.

“Lie down!” Mu Feichi pushed her back.

He continued to apply the rubbing alcohol on her waist, but his movements became gentler.

When his cool palm pressed and rubbed against her injured waist, it faintly gave off a dry sense of warmth.

“Have the people you sent to deal with Lin Sen returned with any news Where are they now Did they go back to the apartment”

“Yep, my people are on surveillance over there.

Dont worry.

They wont let them get away!”

He covered her with the quilt.

“Youve been working hard tonight.

Go to sleep now.

There is going to be a good show tomorrow.”

“How about you”

“Why, youre inviting me to sleep with you”

“…” Yun Xi snorted softly, then adjusted the quilt on her body and closed her eyes.

She fell quickly into a deep, deep sleep.

She was really tired.

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