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Chapter 487: Killed Two Birds with One Stone

She had seen these things before!

Wasnt that what she had put in Yun Xis teacup How could there be so much hiding in this house

Panic and fear burst through her mind.

She suddenly turned her head to look at Lin Sen.

Li Zilan carried a bag and walked up to her.

“Look, you should be able to guess what this is, shouldnt you” Li Zilan looked at Li Sinuo mockingly.

“Dont tell me you dont know anything.”

Li Sinuo shook her head vigorously.

“No! These things have nothing to do with me.

I dont know anything.”

“You live with him.

Who would believe that you dont know anything”

After the things had been found, Li Zilan waved her hand.

“Take them all away! Im going back to report to Young Marshal Mu.”

“Big sis! Big sis! Hes responsible for everything.

It had nothing to do with me.

I dont know anything.”

Upon hearing Li Zilan mention Young Marshal Mu, Li Sinuo suddenly snapped back to reality.

She wanted to tug at Li Zilans arm, but she was handcuffed, so she could only struggle.

“Yun Xi…Im Yun Xis classmate.

Yun Xi and Young Marshal Mu have a good relationship.

Can you help me send a message to Yun Xi and ask her for help This really has nothing to do with me.

I really dont know anything.”

“Ask Yun Xi for help” As if she was listening to a funny joke, Li Zilan looked at Li Sinuo.

“When you anxiously tried to push Yun Xi out as a shield to save yourself, maybe you should have anticipated the day when you yourself would have had to ask her for help.”

“You, how do you know about that” Li Sinuo looked shocked.

At that time, she and Lin Sen had been the only people in the car, and, even outside the car, there were only Yun Xi, Han Yaotian, and a bodyguard.

“Also, when you gave Yun Xi the drugs, you probably didnt know what they were called, did you”

As she said this, Li Zilan glanced at Lin Sen.

“He didnt tell you that it was just a drug to destroy her psychologically, did he”

After Li Zilans reminder, Li Sinuo recalled what had happened here tonight, and she suddenly understood that she had been deceived.

Not only had she been deceived, she had also been used by Lin Sen.

Lin Sen had used her to lure Yun Xi and Han Yaotian out, and then she had unknowingly become his eyes and ears.

That was why he had showed up halfway to stop them and threaten Mr.

Han to get him to hand over the things.

From the beginning to the end, she was the one who had been kept in the dark and played for a fool.

“You were used by him because of your own stupidity.

And you did everything you could to set up Yun Xi, and you even poisoned her.

Youre so cruel at such a young age, so do you really think it would be possible to ask her to help you now Yun Xi is kinder than you, and Young Marshal Mu really listens to her, so if she puts in a word, you would still have a chance.

Unfortunately, you have completely exhausted all of her sympathy.”

With a soft snort, Li Zilan waved her hand, and the two guards holding Li Sinuo pulled her away.

“Lin Sen, did you ever think that one day you would meet your demise at the hands of a little girl”

Lin Sen raised his head abruptly, and his widened eyes were firmly nailed to Li Zilan.

“Seems like youve finally realized that youve been set up.

Yes, you were indeed set up by Yun Xi.

You wanted to use her to lure out Han Yaotian, but you didnt expect that her counterplan would make you end up like this today.

Even Li Sinuo was part of her plan.

She has killed two birds with one stone, and it serves you right.”

“Heh, losing to a little girl.

I wont accept my loss.”

“What can you do even if you dont accept it There will always be someone better than you, so if you lose, you might as well accept it.”

When she said this, Li Zilan sounded proud.

As if Yun Xi was the disciple who had made her the most proud, her tone was full of a pride that couldnt be concealed.

“Arent you guys arresting me just to lure out Crocodile Dream on!”

“Were going to catch Crocodile, but do you think we need you to do it You really take yourself way too seriously! Take him away!”

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