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Chapter 488: Her Resilience and Courage Were Not Inferior to Those of Men

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When Yun Xi woke up, the first thing she wanted to do was to ask Mu Feichi about the situation regarding surveillance on Lin Sen last night.

She was worried that if things didnt go as she had planned, he could actually run away.

That would be extremely troublesome.

Upon seeing her coming downstairs, Mu Feichi beckoned to her.

Yun Xi stepped into the living room where she found that more than half of the living room was empty.

Mu Feichi was sitting in an office chair playing with a topographic map model.

There was a huge real estate map in front of him, and a miniature model of each area had been placed on a sand table.

The sand table was very large.

It had probably been very inconvenient to move and transport such a large sand table.

Yun Xi stepped forward and looked at the houses.

The swimming pools and greenery that had been placed around them were all very realistic.

The surrounding mountains, rivers, and lakes were also reproduced scaled down from 1,000 to 1.

Yun Xi carefully glanced at the rivers, lakes, and mountains.

After thinking for a while, she judged which area the topographical sand table map was based on from its rivers and mountains.

If she guessed correctly, this was a sand table model of the entire area around Muyang Town.

Although Muyang Town was poor, its area was vast and surrounded by mountains and virgin forests.

The place where she had fallen to her death was from was a steep cliff in the area around Muyang Town.

She had never expected to encounter Mu Feichi in that place.

She looked carefully at the topography on the sand table and the model of the real estate that he had placed there.

From this angle, it appeared that this was what Muyang Town would look like if it received a lot of investment and underwent a transformation.

With new construction, planning, and development, Muyang Town could indeed have great potential.

It was just that investment and strategic planning from large corporations and enterprises were needed here.

Muyang Town had been poor for many years.

If enterprises invested to accelerate its development, the towns agricultural products could be put on the market, and the living standards as well as the economic conditions of the entire town would be greatly improved.

“Does the Mu Corporation plan to invest in the development of Muyang Town”

If there was such a plan, it warranted a large sum of money, and it would be a large project.

Perhaps because the place was too poor, almost no one had ever had such an idea.

“It hasnt started yet, but its estimated to start soon.

As for the board of directors, I plan to hold a meeting soon for voting to be done.

Looking at her with a lazy smile and his legs crossed, Mu Feichi leaned back against his chair in a very relaxed pose.

“Unexpectedly, you could guess my intentions just by looking at the topographic map.

You have much potential.”

He never thought of hiding anything from her, since she was going to stand side by side with him in the future after all.

If he let her gain some familiarity with his business early on, she would have more experience later.

Therefore, regarding official business, if he could trust Li Zilan, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui, he could trust her unconditionally as well.

Sometimes, he even wanted to hear her opinions.

He could discern that she had a highly strategic mind.

Her resilience and courage were not inferior to those of men.

Especially after seeing her strategy of placing her enemies in a position where they could only fight to the death during the last cooperation between the Han family and the Chen family, he believed that his little wild kitten might even surpass him in the future.

“I grew up in Muyang Town, so I know that place better than you do.”

Regarding the childhood that she had forgotten, Yun Xi suddenly found that after being reborn, she remembered the days when shed lived under other peoples oppression even more vividly.

It was still vivid in her mind, as if it had been only yesterday.

“It wouldnt be difficult to develop Muyang Town.

First, repair the road leading to the outside world, and then drive the development of agricultural products there.”

As she said this, she pointed to a mountain and road on the sand table.

“This place cant be crossed by cars, and the surrounding vegetation is extremely dense.

The mountain road is now blocked by this vegetation, and large vehicles cant get in.”

Mu Feichi looked in the direction she was pointing.

This sand table had been finished for a long time now, so hed checked it carefully already.

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