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Chapter 489: Seeing You Jealous Is a Very Serious Matter

She had reminded him of an issue he had been considering for a while now.

The engineers hed invited to look at this project were still abroad.

When the board of directors passed this resolution, everything would have to begin to be prepared.

Yun Xi leaned down and felt the texture of the sand table.

This sand had a different texture from the sand that she had seen in her last life.

It looked like sand, but it felt soft when touched.

It was Plasticine clay covered with sand.

Even if this large sand table was hung on the wall at a 90-degree angle, it wouldnt become loose sand.

Each model could be properly glued to the top while preserving its shape.

Yun Xi was thinking about something, and she turned her head and looked at the man beside her.

“Young Marshal Mu, Im very curious about something.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Ask away.”

“When we met for the first time, why was Han Wanling able to get into where you worked”

Knowing him, with his personality, he wouldnt allow just anyone to enter the place where he worked.

Han Wanling had not only gotten in, but somehow shed even managed to drug his tea.

With his vigilant temperament, he wouldnt allow someone he didnt trust to enter his territory.

Upon hearing her asking about this, Mu Feichi smiled aloofly, then looked at her in amusement.

His dark eyes appeared deep and romantically ambiguous.

“Babe, it took you so long to remember to feel jealous about this”

“…” Hearing the ridicule in his tone, Yun Xi shot him an angry glare.

“Im serious!”

“Seeing you jealous is also a very serious matter.”

Yun Xi shot him an icy look, and he immediately put on a serious expression.

“You left in a hurry early that morning, so you definitely didnt know where I lived.

It was actually a place under my mothers name, and I always went to that property for vacations.

The house was built in the forest, and Han Wanling didnt even know about it.

She followed me the entire way.

For the sake of her father, I didnt throw her out and didnt alert the bodyguards outside.

If it hadnt been for her drugging me, I really would have thought that shed followed me there for some fun.”

“Oh, from the sounds of it, I really ruined things for you, Young Marshal Mu.”

No wonder he had pestered her back then.

He was planning to settle this account with her.

“So what God is fair! He not only sent you to me, but also let you easily kick Han Wanling out.

In the end, it was my gain.”

“If Han Wanlings father really was that influential, then why did you ignore him when he asked for a meeting last time”

“His darling son dragged my beloved woman into his mess and got her kidnapped.

Im already being extremely lenient by not settling the account, yet he still has the nerve to want to see me”

Indeed, you really couldnt reason with him, since hed never played by the rules at all.

“Why did you make such a big sand table Is it possible youre displaying it here for people to admire”

“Youre making sense.

What good suggestions do you have, babe”

Yun Xi turned around and sat down on the sofa beside him.

She glanced at the large sand table.

“Find a carpenter and make it into a pool table.”

As she said this, she raised her right hand.

“Use the tabletop as a pool table and the sand table can be nailed to the back side.

You can use a reverse switch.

If the sand table needs to be used, turn it over.

Since its size is so big, no one will suspect that theres something hidden under your pool table.”

Mu Feichi clapped his hands and looked at his beloved baby with admiration.

“Good idea! Ill do it.”

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