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Chapter 49: Plenty of Caution

Yun Xi turned around to look at Chen Yichen with a look of admiration, her eyes sparkling with brilliant starlight.

He was indeed one of the five heirs of the Jingdu, for he had impressive abilities to scold people!

With merely a few words, hed been able to scold her mother into humiliation.

She had truly embarrassed herself and her husband today!

Yun Xi wondered if Liang Xiuqin would vomit three liters of blood once she went home and her head cooled down.

“Chenchen, dont be rude.” Jiang Wanyun walked over to shake her head at her son.

Although her son has said everything shed wanted to, they couldnt humiliate Grandfather Yun like that.

He was still standing right there!


Yun, Yun Xi rescued our Chenchen, and our family will always remember this favor! If Yun Xi asks us for anything in the future, we will do our best to help her!”

Jiang Wanyun had been around Mrs.

Chen for so many years, so she could easily deal with a woman like Liang Xiuqin.

She made her words clear enough—both the literal and implied meaning referred to Yun Xi being the main subject.

The Chens would have to repay their debt to Yun Xi, but not the Yun family.

Nor was it for Liang Xiuqin.

Liang Xiuqin wasnt able to elicit any favors at all, so her face turned pale with anger.

She was so embarrassed that the smile nearly fell off her face!

Grandfather Yun also thought that he was thoroughly humiliated before Grandfather Jiang and the Chen family, so he scoffed before glaring at Liang Xiuqin.

He knew all about Liang Xiuqins shrewdness and greed, but he had never seen someone one to eager to humiliate themselves before the Four Great Clans!

Yun Xi gritted her teeth to keep her mouth close in order to painfully squash her urge to laugh.

She put her hand behind her back and gave Chen Yichen a thumbs up.

Chen Yichen eyed her tiny, pale hand and curled his lips into a subtle smile.

Her slender fingers were finely shaped and so fair-skinned that he had the urge to give them a bite!

His gloomy but handsome face had appeared harsh and aloof in the previous moment but now warmed slightly with a subtle beam of sunshine.

“Grandfather, lets go home!” Yun Xi turned around to chime in and break the awkwardness.

There must always be someone acting as a peacemaker, and since shed already achieved her goal of embarrassing her mother, she was in an extremely good mood!

However, her mother was shameless enough and had the heart capacity to endure it.

She had humiliated herself this time, yet she would be more than eager to try to flatter the Chens the next time she saw them.

Yun Xi was already happy that Liang Xiuqin hadnt been able to take advantage of her at all!

The things that belonged to her could only belong to her.

No one else should even dream of coveting them!

Yun Xi gave Grandfather Yun an excuse to leave, so his expression eased slightly.

With a sigh, he said goodbye to Grandfather Jiang.

Before they left, Jiang Wanyun packed a few new outfits for Yun Xi and urged her to be more cautious from now on.

Yun Xi felt touched and bittersweet.

After being reborn to this life, she didnt have anything but plenty of caution.

Yun Xi took out the jade pendant from her backpack to pass it to Jiang Wanyun.

“Madam, can I ask you to help keep this safe for me My mother really wants my second sister to marry into the Jiang family.

I know that Grandfather Jiang loves me, but Im worried in the future that…”

Yun Xi didnt need to finish her sentence for Jiang Wanyun to understand her clearly.

Liang Xiuqin was someone who would allow her niece to replace her own daughter, so there was no question that she would steal a marriage that could earn access to the Jiang family!

Since she disliked this daughter so much, she would undoubtedly have her favored daughter replace Yun Xi and marry into the Jiang family.

Grandfather Jiang loved Yun Xi so much, so Jiang Wanyun was also worried that Liang Xiuqin would anger him in the future and cause him to develop illness in his old age!

“Very well then, Ill help you keep it safe.

You can come and ask me for it when you want it back.”

Jiang Wanyun accepted the jade pendant and gently patted Yun Xis thin and delicate shoulder.

“Although our family has established an arranged marriage with you, we would never force you into anything.

Study hard, and we can discuss the future later on.”

Although she also badly wanted Yun Xi to be her daughter-in-law, who knew what would happen in the future No one could tell what fate had in store.

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