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Chapter 494: Return of Liang Xiuqin

The bus stopped at the entrance to the villa complexs courtyard.

Feng Yang walked with Yun Xi since they were neighbors.

They paused near the entrance of her house.

“Please thank Su Ximan for me for helping take care of my dad.”

She really didnt want to become the enemy of a clever, haughty heiress like Su Ximan.

It wasnt that she couldnt beat her, but it would be a lot of trouble.

The family behind Su Ximan gave her an extremely strong backing.

Yun Xi not only didnt have a strong family backing her up, but she had a large number of family members who were dragging her down.

Even with her extraordinary methods, the lack of a strong family backing, compared to Su Ximan, put her already way behind at the starting line.

Feng Yang understood her reasoning, and his sullen, handsome face looked amused.

“After all the trouble shes caused you, you still want to thank her”

“Yes.” Yun Xi smiled.

“Thank you too for helping me so much.”

“It was nothing.

However, will your mothers return affect you”

Her face relaxed and indifferent, Yun Xi shrugged with a half-hearted smile.

“Are you still worried that I could suffer at the hands of my mother”

Thinking about the last time theyd worked together, Feng Yang was no longer worried.

He nodded and handed a business card over to her.

“If you ever need help, call me.”

Yun Xi took his business card and looked at it.

There were only names and phone numbers on the black business card.

There were no job descriptions, addresses, or titles.

It couldnt be simpler.

She couldnt help being a little curious.

After all, she didnt know what industry Feng Yang was in.

“Im actually curious about what you do.”

Since he was very well-informed, it was obvious that he didnt work in an ordinary industry.

Moreover, unlike what the outside world said about him, he probably wasnt in the bodyguard industry either.

If he was a bodyguard, he wouldnt have so much spare time to turn up in front of her randomly all the time.

“Which industry do you think Im in” Feng Yang raised his eyebrows and asked in return without changing his expression.

“I cant guess.

I thought you were a bodyguard once, then I felt like you were working in a company, but now I dont think its either one.”

Feng Yangs eyes darkened as he looked at her, and he didnt say anything directly.

“Since its neither, it means that it isnt time to tell you yet.

I will tell you later when I have the chance.”

“Okay.” Yun Xi didnt ask any further questions.

She turned around and entered the Yun family house.

Standing at the door of the house with her expression indifferent and calm, Yun Xi looked around at the house in front of her.

Since her mother was back, this family probably would no longer be peaceful in the future.

After stepping into the living room, Yun Xi glanced at the people who were sitting there.

Liang Xiuqin had come home, so everyone was there to greet her.

Both her second uncle and her second aunt were there.

Yun Yuanfeng and her grandfather were sitting on the sofa, and they looked up at her when they saw her come home.

Liang Xiuqin also glanced over.

She had been living outside the villa complex for more than a month.

She had been fine when she didnt see that scourge Yun Xi, but when Liang Xiuqin saw Yun Xi, it reminded her of all the hardships she had suffered during this period of time, and her good mood was completely ruined.

With a cold snort, her eyes shot daggers at Yun Xi.

She had ended up suffering all because of that wretched girl.

If it hadnt been for her, she wouldnt have become like this.

After her club was destroyed, no one came to patronize it anymore for fear that she had offended someone and they would get dragged into her mess as well.

All she had left were her savings.

Also, the fact that Yao Ying had seized control of the family, losing her such a large amount of income that now she was basically broke.

Sitting on the sofa, Liang Xinyi finally had the rare opportunity to feel smug.

At this moment, she looked at Yun Xi condescendingly.

Yun Xi had never understood where Liang Xinyis superiority complex came from.

Since Liang Xiuqin had come back, Yun Ziling felt a little bit happy at the moment, and her expression was also smug.

Yun Xi changed her shoes in the hallway, then with cold eyes she looked at the group of people on the sofa.

The look on everyones face was different.

It was simply amusing and entertaining.

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