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Chapter 499: Irreversible Consequences

Zhao Yumo returned to school, bringing a message to Yun Xi.

When they went to search, they discovered that the samples from the research institute had been stolen.

Mu Feichi already handed all these matters over to Jiang Chenghuan.

Hed sent some people to help, and Jiang Chenghuan had taken care of the rest.

“When Second Master Jiang brought the experts to search the research institute, the heads of the institute had already run away and the samples had already been stolen.

They are still searching for the whereabouts of the samples.”

“In that case, Lin Sen must have had an accomplice.

Its remarkable that he ran away so soon after receiving the news.

I dont know if Su Hang has developed antibodies from the sample yet.

Its such a dangerous item that any carelessness can yield terrible consequences.”

If those irreversible consequences arose, Mu Feichi would have to be at the forefront.

Yun Xi couldnt help but lower her eyes and think about it carefully.

At this time in her last life, nothing big had happened to the Mu family, but then again she didnt know anything about Mu Feichi at that time.

She didnt know what he had experienced, so once some things happened, she would be unprepared.

After all, her rebirth had also changed the trajectory of many peoples lives.

Although everything was still moving in the same direction, many things had become different.

“The sample has to be retrieved quickly.

Otherwise something serious will happen.”

“Second Master Jiang has already asked people to find it, so we can only wait for news at the moment.”

Yun Xi felt uneasy about this, so she sent a message to Mu Feichi.

After sending the message, she realized that Mu Feichi, as the head of the Mu family, would of course have this most basic sense of crisis, so she was really worrying for nothing.

When it came to unknown fields beyond her control, she couldnt help having all sorts of worries.

Mu Feichi later realized her worry and concern and called her back, but with hints of teasing and ambiguous flirtation in his tone.

“Babe, are you worried that if there are unpredictable consequences, I, Young Marshal Mu, will have to be at the forefront of the response Youre worried that something will happen to me, arent you”

“Get lost! Whos worried about you Im worried about the innocent people who will be harmed.”

“Im so flattered that you care about me so much, babe.”

“…” The two of them have never been on the same page on this sort of topic.

Every time, she felt as if she was being trifled with.

It wasnt easy to be an experienced flirt like him.

“I just asked your homeroom teacher, and theres a three-day holiday for New Years.

Do you want to go out on New Years Eve”

“New Years Eve” Yun Xi froze and then looked down at the small calendar on the table.

It was already December 29, so there were still two days until New Years Eve.

Only then did she remember that in her previous life, people had been keen to hold a countdown event between the last day of the year and the beginning of the new year.

During this year in her last life, she had been reviewing her homework at home, and the countdown had had nothing to do with her.

Turning a blind eye to outside events, she simply read books to review for her college entrance examination.

During those past few years in her last life, she was always busy in the laboratory, and Han Yaotian had never accompanied her to the top of buildings to count down or watch fireworks.

During the New Years Eve countdown of those years, where had he been

As for whether or not he was surrounded by beautiful women and merrily drinking away, she didnt even want to know anymore.

He was now a pawn in her game, and as for how she wanted it to go or didnt want it to go, it all depended on her will.

Upon suddenly being asked where she wanted to go for New Years Eve, she couldnt answer at all.

“Yeah, where would you like to go during those three days If you want to go abroad, come get a passport with me after class today, and I will have someone get you in through the back door.”

“No, this is my first year in Jingdu.

I want to spend New Years Eve in Jingdu.”

It was also the first year of her rebirth, so she wanted to stay in this land.

Everything would start all over again.

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