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Chapter 5: Admitting It Herself

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As far as Yun Xi knew, there was only one exception of such a man in China.

He possessed the most unique identity, held dual roles, was involved in two circles, used dual identities, and was born of a noble background!

He was the figure who had a god-like existence in China—Mu Feichi.

In Jingdu, there were three great noble families and four incredibly wealthy families with centuries of history.

Mu Feichi was the youngest clan leader of one of the three wealthy families, the Mu Clan.

Mu Chongli was already a legendary character in Jingdu, but Mu Feichi was the son who had surpassed his father!

At a young age, he had made enough achievements to stand equally alongside his father.

In the entirety of Jingdu, Mu Feichi was the only one allowed to use the title of “Master Mu.” As soon as the name “Master Mu” was mentioned, nearly everyone knew who was being referred to.

There was only one such major figure in China to be the youngest person to cross both circles.

Yun Xi had never expected that she would be trespassing into this mans territory as soon as she was reborn again!

She looked over, and, at that moment, her dark, glossy eyes collided with the other pair of eerie, eagle eyes; his lofty aura immediately commanded solemn respect.

Her heart rate increased rapidly.

Crouching down to pick up a shard of glass from the broken cup, she licked the water inside the groove and the faintly bitter taste permeated the tip of her tongue.

She had spent half her previous life inside a laboratory.

As soon as she tasted it, she instantly knew what this apparently colorless and tasteless substance was.

There wasnt a high level of scopolamine, and it was very difficult to purify in this era.

Presumably, Han Wanling spent much effort to get her hands on this.

“The water was definitely spiked by someone!”

She turned around to look at Mu Feichi, then her eyes finally locked on to Han Wanlings guilty face.

Han Wanling truly had no fear, since she hadnt even considered her target carefully before spiking the drink.

If someone like Mu Feichi really had fallen into her trap, then he certainly wouldnt have allowed her to live through this.

No one enjoyed being tricked or used, nor did anyone enjoy being controlled by others.

This was especially the case for a person with a unique identity like Mu Feichi.

They were accustomed to having control, so they wouldnt allow someone else to have the chance to control them.

However, Mu Feichis sharp gaze fell upon Yun Xis figure.

There was a trace of scrutiny in his eyes.

This young girl could actually taste the drug in the water

Han Wanling instantly panicked when the word “spike” was mentioned.

“No… Master Mu, I didnt do it! I never even touched your glass of water!”

She knew that he was a germaphobe who would never touch something that someone he didnt trust had touched before.

Thats why she merely dropped the drug along the wall of the glass!

Yun Xi squinted her eyes slightly and smiled with innocence.

“I think we are the only three people in this house”

Han Wanling suddenly whirled around to glare at Yun Xi, anxious to cover up her tracks.

“Stop speaking nonsense! What would a puny girl like you even know Dont even dream of framing me for this!”

“Who did I frame”

Yin Xi raised a brow and winked as she sat on the couch with an innocent expression.

She crossed her legs and watched Han Wanling continue to dig a deeper grave for herself.

With such poor acting skills, she was truly making it more obvious the more she tried to hide!

Was she actually treating Mu Feichi like an idiot

She remembered that Han Wanlings acting skills had been quite good in her last life!

When Han Wanling had colluded with her mother—who had climbed her way up as a mistress—to harm Yun Xi, their tricks came one after another.

It was enough material to act out a bitter drama!

Why did Han Wanlings intelligence fail so badly when Yun Xi had met her earlier on in this new life

“There are only three of us here.

If you arent framing me, then are you claiming that Master Mu was the one to spike his own drink with a date rape drug”

Yun Xi snickered quietly, and her eyes curved into little crescents.

She propped her chin up as she leaned against the sofa and reminded Han Wanling suggestively.

“I didnt say it was a date rape drug.

Youre going to admit it yourself so soon”

“You…” Han Wanling suddenly realized she had a slip of the tongue, but it was already too late to take the words back.

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