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Chapter 500: I Like to See You Abuse Scumbags

Yun Xi told Mu Feichi about the theft, and Mu Feichi had told her that he had sent Second Master Jiangs people to look for it.

“By the way, Ive already had someone bring your aunt to Jingdu and place her in a small motel.

Let her hang out there for a few days, and let her know that living in Jingdu isnt any more comfortable than living in the country.”

“Small motel, huh.

I thought that for someone like Young Marshal Mu, all hotels had to be five-star hotels.”

“She treated you so harshly, so already not making her suffer is very merciful.”

On the other end of the phone, Mu Feichi paused and chuckled.

“Babe, when you shouldnt be kind, you cant be too kind.”

“Im not kind, but Young Marshal Mu, I think youre also being very kind by doing this.”

“Hmm, Ill let you do the unkind things, babe.

I like to see you abuse scumbags.”

“Young Marshal Mu, you speak as if Im a wicked, vicious woman.

How scary!”

“No, babe.

Its better to have some means to protect yourself.

I dont want you to be bullied all the time without any way to fight back.”

Mu Feichi recalled that when hed first seen this girl, with an aloof smirk on her lips, she had singlehandedly dealt with wolves ruthlessly and swiftly.

It had been a long time since hed seen such ruthlessness in someones eyes, and especially in the eyes of a little girl.

It had really mesmerized him.

“Do I look like such a pushover” Yun Xi snorted.

“Tell me my aunts address, and ask Qi Yuan to do something for me, by the way.”

After thinking about it, she felt that she shouldnt use Qi Yuan.

“Actually, get Feng Rui.

For such a serious thing, I dont want to use someone as serious as Qi Yuan to do it.”

“Whats the matter Maybe I can help!”

“Im going to put on a cheesy family drama of my aunt and my dad reuniting.

I cant just let my aunt come to the Yun familys house so easily.

It would be better for my dad to take her back to the Yun family home than for me to take her there.

It will provoke my mother even more.”

At the beginning of a good show, she always had to build up suspense, otherwise the ensuing climax wouldnt be as exciting.

“Okay, I will have Qi Yuan and Feng Rui both come to help you.”

As long as his little lady was happy, all was well.

After shed dealt with the scumbag, he would happily help her clean up the mess.

After school, Yun Xi let Zhao Yumo read the script of the cheesy drama she had prepared, and Zhao Yumo laughed at the script hysterically.

“My dear, are you sure you want to be so cheesy No one watches that sort of plot even in dramas, okay”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, then glanced at the script and said indifferently, “Its not cheesy.

I think it fits the romantic ideals of a grassroots country girl like my aunt.”

In her last life, shed known that Chen Lixue had never forgotten her dad.

Even during the past two decades, shed had a creepy obsession with Yun Yuanfeng and his status.

Especially because compared to Liang Xiuqins lavish life in Jingdu, her life in the countryside had been really a contrast between a pheasant and a phoenix.

It was Liang Xiuqin who had snatched everything away from her back then, and she hadnt let it go for more than 20 years.

It would be strange if she didnt bear a grudge.

Yun Xi decided to add fuel to the flames by reminding Yun Yuanfeng of the earlier days hed spent with Chen Lixue in the countryside and then think about the chaotic life hed lived with Liang Xiuqin.

Only by comparing them could he tell the difference, right

“Since your writing makes it sound so entertaining, Im tempted to make a cameo, ha, ha, ha…”

“Dont worry, the latter part of my revenge will be even more exciting, and I will come to you for a cameo appearance some other day.”

“No problem, if theres any development or drama, remember to notify me to come and watch.”

When Zhao Yumo thought of how Yun Xi was setting up her father, mother, and aunt, Zhao Yumo couldnt help but laugh.

“I have never seen someone set up their parents like this, Yun Xi.

Youre really amazing.”

“What, dont you think Im vicious”

“Why If it were me, I wouldnt be as merciful.”


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