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Chapter 504: Just Being My Woman Is Enough

When the two people waiting in the drivers seat and the passengers seat saw the jealous man walking toward them looking as if he was about to blow his top, no one said a word.

They just silently opened the back doors for Mu Feichi and Yun Xi.

Yun Xis eyes had gotten very wide.

Mu Feichi looked so angry that his black eyes looked like ink, and she was waiting to see if ink drops were going to be squeezed out.

Almost without thinking about it, she bent her leg and jammed it into his knee.

Taken by surprise, Mu Feichi groaned.

By the time hed reacted, she had already sprung up and swiftly thrown him back against the seat.

The car was padded with Turkish carpets, so even if he rolled off the seat, he wasnt going to get hurt from falling.

But the interior of the car wasnt all that big, so after shed lunged toward him so recklessly, he not only had to protect her from being hurt, but, at the same time, hed also had to avoid getting his head bashed in.

The little rascal had reacted extremely fast.

With rash aggression, shed immediately given him a taste of what it was like to frivolously underestimate his opponent.

He fell onto the carpet and bashed the back of his head directly on the edge of the car door.

Almost reflexively, even though he had fallen to the ground, he didnt forget to tighten his grip on the little rascal attacking him.

Since there was so much movement and noise in the back seat, the two people in front, hearing the sounds and fearing that they were fighting, quickly lowered the barrier between the front and back seats.

As the barrier was lowered, they saw Yun Xi attacking Young Marshal Mu.

Mu Feichi was frowning, and he didnt seem pleased.

“Young Marshal Mu…” Qi Yuan stepped on the brakes and nervously looked at them.

“Get lost.” Mu Feichi glared at him.

Not wanting to get involved or to be a punching bag, Qi Yuan hurriedly raised the barrier again.

As if realizing that she was in trouble, Yun Xi desperately tried to push him away.

However, Mu Feichi held her tighter, to the extent that they could feel each others heartbeats.

“Immature Young Marshal Mu, I will be suffocated like this.”

Upon hearing the muffled complaining from the girl in his arms, Mu Feichi let go of one hand.

He propped himself up and looked at her.

He was relieved after hed ascertained that she was okay.

Yun Xi got up and moved back onto the seat, still glowering at the man who remained on the ground.

She reached out to touch the back of his head to rearrange his hair that shed messed up.

Only then, she heard his theatrical screams of pain and she ascertained that he had indeed bashed his head.

Well, very well.

Hed originally tried to tease her, but now hed bashed his head instead.

He couldnt blame her for being too ruthless.

It had simply been her natural reflex.

“Young Marshal Mu, like teacher, like pupil.

I am sorry.

I hope my kick didnt give you erectile dysfunction.

Its my bad, my bad.”

When she said this, she touched his head in a semi-serious way.

The height gap between them gave Mu Feichi the feeling that she was caressing his head as if he were Great White.

With a look of dissatisfaction, Mu Feichis face grew sullen.

“It seems that Li Zilan has to be kept away from you.”

It turned out that if he didnt watch them for even one day, who knew what Li Zilan might teach her She never learned anything good, only the bad things.

Yun Xi looked at him with an innocent expression and a smile.

“Not so.

What Boss Zilan teaches me is self-defense.

After repeated attempts, you see, even you, Young Marshal Mu, fell for it.

It shows how foresighted Boss Zilan is.”

Mu Feichi snorted softly.

Just now, he had been fuming with rage.

But after being teased by her, his mood had actually brightened.

Yun Xi smiled, took a lollipop from her pocket, peeled off the wrapper, and stuffed it into his mouth.

She patted his face and said, “Young Marshal Mu, this is a reward for you.

Get up, and dont ask for anymore trouble.

Next time, my kick might be a little less accurate and you might really end up with erectile dysfunction.”

“If I really had erectile dysfunction, then, babe, you would have to be responsible for me for the rest of your life.”

Mu Feichi raised his head, stretched out his long arms to clasp her neck, and kissed her hard on the lips.

“You dont need to work like a slave.

Just being my woman is enough.”


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