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Chapter 507: Snobby

Chen Lixues table was surrounded by other tables full of customers.

Li Zilan walked over through the crowd, and the wait staff on both sides of the room gave way to her automatically.

The waitress who was being publicly humiliated by Chen Lixue felt confident when she saw her boss coming.

This was the first time Li Zilan had seen Yun Xis aunt.

She was more outrageous than shed expected.

“Didnt you want to see me Whats the matter here” Li Zilan looked at Chen Lixue with a trace of contempt in her cold eyes.

No matter how expensive the clothes she was wearing were, she still couldnt shake off her vulgarity and tackiness.

Although Yun Xi had also come from the countryside, she had really managed to escape untainted.

“Are you the boss” Chen Lixue looked up and down at the bizarrely dressed promiscuous-looking woman in front of her.

She didnt look like a restaurants owner at all.

On the contrary…she looked like a woman who worked in nightclubs, as a hostess.

But those eyes with heavy eyeshadow were seductive yet also piercing, so she didnt dare to associate her with those sort of people.


I am the owner of the restaurant.”

Li Zilan pulled a chair aside and sat down.

She domineeringly crossed her legs, put one hand on the back of the chair, and eyed Chen Lixue coolly.

“I heard that you wanted to dine and dash”

“What do you mean I wanted to dine and dash.

Watch your mouth! I just forgot to bring my wallet with me.

You people are so snobby.

Its not that expensive anyway, so why do you guys have to make such a big deal out of it Its not that I dont want to pay, but, with your attitude here, who would want to patronize your restaurant in the future”

Speaking like this, Chen Lixue became extremely angry.

“Especially because this little b*tch is so snobby.

Since she has no manners, as the boss, arent you afraid that shell ruin your business”

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows slightly and then she rubbed her nose lazily.

“Yes, youre right.

Its not that expensive, so no need to make a big deal out of it.

If thats the issue, well let someone go back and get your wallet with you.

After you pay the bill and, if my employee really wronged you, then yes, I will immediately ask her to apologize to you.

Does that work for you”

In the end, she still wanted her to settle the bill.

Since Chen Lixue had no money in her wallet, she felt nervous.

“Why go through so much trouble I wont hold a grudge against you guys.

If you guys dont charge me for this meal, I will let bygones be bygones and well be even!”

“How can that be right” Li Zilan raised her eyebrows solemnly.

“My business depends on my reputation.

I dont care about this small amount of money, but we cant wrong and offend our customers for nothing.

Since she said you were dining and dashing, she has to have evidence.

You have to pay the bill to prove your innocence.

On the other hand, I cant wrong her for no reason either.

After all, firing an uncivil employee is a piece of cake for me.

In this case, let her accompany you back to get the money.”

Just as Chen Lixue was about to say something else, Li Zilan suddenly interrupted her, “Its not about money now.

I dont care about the money.

Its about your dignity and her job.

You go back and bring the money to pay the bill so I can deal with this incident fair and square.”

“You…” Chen Lixues face paled, and she gritted her teeth in embarrassment.

Why was this person so inflexible Wouldnt they be even if they let bygones be bygones

She had never seen such an insensible person.

“Xiaoan, its your job on the line.

So go back with her to get the money.”

“Boss, if she really has no money, what should I do if shes a dine-and-dasher”

Li Zilan twirled her red fingernails as she said nonchalantly, “What else can we do besides take her to the police station A dine-and-dasher would probably be sentenced to a year and a half.”

With that said, Li Zilan waved her hand, as if she didnt want to blabber on about this anymore.

“Go on now!”

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