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Chapter 51: Leave Liang Xinyi Here to Lay a Trap

It was remarkable that Yun Xi would be so generous and kind enough to completely forgive Liang Xinyi for what she had done.

This completely shocked the entire Yun family!

They were all thinking about how Yun Xi was such a foolish girl.

She was being bullied to this extent, yet she tolerated letting Liang Xinyi continue to live in the Yun household.

Also, Liang Xuqin was obviously taking Liang Xinyis side, Yun Xi was nothing in comparison, even though she was her real daughter.

This girl really had no caution!

Liang Xiuqin was very satisfied with Yun Xis reaction since this was her plan after all.

However, Liang Xinyi didnt dare to feel happy right away.

Although Yun Xi was a weakling, Liang Xinyi didnt dare to underestimate her after shed been able to get the Jiangs to help her successfully return to the Yun family.

Especially when it came to the things Yun Xi had just said—they didnt sound like something shed say at all!

Even if her wish to stay was now fulfilled, she somehow felt panic about the foggy road ahead.

It was like she had stepped into an unknown forest, and while she walked toward the light the entire way, who knew what awaited her at the end of the path

She looked up at Yun Xi but discovered that the other girl was giving her a mysterious smile.

Liang Xinyi didnt understand her smile, yet she could feel a coldness in her heart.

Grandfather Yun saw that Yun Xi was being generous, and Liang Xiuqin was the head of the household, so he didnt say much more before ordering the housekeeper to clear out two guest rooms.

Within the entire family, there was one person who continued to discreetly study Yun Xi from the moment she stepped foot into the house.

Yun Xi also noticed this.

This person was none other than her youngest sister, Yun Chuhan.

Yun Chuhan, from her previous lifetime, had been probably the most calculative person in the family who lurked from the surface.

From the way Yun Xi saw it, Yun Chuhan was even more pained than herself.

She and Yun Kexin were both granddaughters of the same age, yet Grandfather Yun loved Yun Kexin the most.

She was also Liang Xiuqins daughter, yet she loved Yun Ziling the most.

Liang Xiuqin had been full of expectations that Yun Chuhan would be a son, but yet she was born as a daughter.

Liang Xiuqins hatred and neglect toward her was no less than what she felt for Yun Xi.

Yun Chuhan had grown up in a vastly contrasting life compared to Yun Ziling.

Yun Xi would probably never understand her demented psyche, despite having lived with her for more than half her life.

As a result, she suffered her share from Yun Chuhans plotting.

But it didnt matter since her net had already been cast.

With many big fishes, she would reel them in one by one.

Yun Xi took her backpack upstairs, and her quiet footsteps echoed in her heart.

From now one, she must proceed with the utmost vigilance.

Yun Xi only allowed Liang Xinyi to stay because she needed to keep her there to control her Aunties family.

If the Liangs came here to cause trouble before she properly established herself, this would disrupt her plans.

She wasnt worried about Liang Xinyi calling home to tattle on her since she believed she would never dare to!

Leaving her in the Yun household should be a very good opportunity for Liang Xinyi.

If the Liangs caused trouble, not only would they be in the wrong, but the commotion would also insult the Yun family.

This would cause Liang Xinyi to lose her opportunity to study in Jingdu.

With Liang Xinyi staying in the Yun household, she may even use their connections to propel her toward higher opportunities that enabled her to marry into a rich family and enjoy a life of luxury.

If she went back to the countryside, then she would really lose everything!

Liang Xinyi was no fool, so she wouldnt do such a silly thing.

Next, she would begin preparing her bait to reel in the fish.

When Yun Xi went upstairs, she studied her room.

It was also a guest room, but hers was more spacious and brighter than Liang Xinyis and also came with a small balcony.

Just as she was about to put her clothes away, she heard a noise from downstairs.

When she looked down from the window, she immediately saw Liang Xiuqin taking Liang Xinyi out.

Her grandfather had just asked Liang Xiuqin to take the two girls to buy some new clothes.

Liang Xinyi was already in the car, but no one had even bothered telling Yun Xi anything.

She was obviously lesser than a niece, even though she was the actual daughter!

She scoffed quietly before taking the clothes out from her backpack and putting them away.

She was surprised to see something that didnt belong to her squashed at the bottom of her clothes.

It was a lambskin roll with a unique badge printed in steel.

Wasnt this the set of surgical knives shed seen inside Mu Feichis first-aid kit

When had he stuffed it into her bag

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