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Chapter 516: What Good Could Possibly Come from It

On the last day of school before the New Years holiday, Zhao Yumo came over to see Yun Xi at lunchtime to hear all the gossip about her father and her aunt.

Yun Xi smiled and gave her a thumbs-up, and Zhao Yumo immediately understood that they had accomplished their goal.

“Then what are you going to do next”

Yun Xi shrugged and looked indifferent.

“I wont do anything right now.

Ill let them fight it out with one another while I prepare for the college entrance examination.

I wont pay any attention to the mayhem going on in my house.

Ill just busy myself with my studies.”

“Good job!” Zhao Yumo was happy for her.

Suddenly, she looked up and saw Zhou Chengzhe walking over with his lunch plate.

Upon seeing Zhao Yumos face fall, Yun Xi turned her head and saw Zhou Chengzhe behind her.

She turned the topic back to academics.

Zhou Chengzhe was still as arrogant as ever.

After Li Sinuo got expelled, Zhou Chengzhe lost an ally.

Every day, he did nothing except for review his studies like crazy.

During the last competition, Zhou Chengzhe, disregarding the loyalty that classmates were supposed to have, deliberately embarrassed Yun Xi after losing the competition.

Thus, in the eyes of the teachers, his reputation had suffered drastically.

Lately, the schools teachers hadnt been as tolerant of him as they had been before.

He felt anxious and angry, but he was helpless to do anything about it.

All he could do was to try to improve his grades.

Although he didnt know how Yun Xi had gotten Li Sinuo expelled, he didnt dare underestimate her capabilities any longer.

He thought that during the last biology competition, he hadnt lost to Yun Xi because of a disparity in their strengths, but because hed underestimated his opponent.

This time, he wouldnt lose again.

Inadvertently, he heard Zhao Yumo inviting Yun Xi to spend the New Years Day holiday break in C City, and he couldnt help but sneer.

After they returned from the holiday break, there would be a citywide test.

The result of this test was directly related to the difficulty of the final exam paper.

Rich kids didnt take academics seriously enough.

However, he was going to seize this opportunity to work hard and crush those two wretched girls.

When hed regained his sense of superiority, he would humiliate and shame them severely.

Before going home, Yun Xi made a special call to her housekeeper.

When she learned that her father hadnt returned yet, she got on the bus and went home.

At the last stop, Feng Yang got on the bus.

Only the two of them were headed for its final destination.

Sitting with her, alone on the bus, Feng Yang was feeling a sense of anticipation that he had never experienced before.

Feng Yang raised his hand and handed the takeout bubble tea from the bubble tea shop to Yun Xi as he said nonchalantly, “I saw your dad coming out of a hotel this morning with a woman by his side.”

Yun Xi accepted the bubble tea and thanked him, then turned to look at this guy, lazily lying back on his seat.

She didnt know where hed come from.

Dressed in all black, he had on a black down jacket, black pants, and a pair of black boots.

Feng Yang always made her feel an indescribable sense of mystery.

“A guest is going to come to my house soon, and its probably going to be very chaotic there.

If you hear any gossip in the future, dont be too surprised.”

Yun Xi smiled and turned to look out of the window.

It was approaching dusk, and the sky was gray, as if it was going to snow.

“From your tone, it sounds like theres going to be a good show to watch.” His deep, dark eyes were gleaming faintly, as Feng Yang turned his head to look at her closely.

“My mother is back, so how can there not be a good show And the woman you saw today is my aunt.”

They were all shrewd people, so even if she didnt explain anything further, Feng Yang should be able to grasp it.

Wasnt it obvious what coming out of a hotel together early in the morning meant What good could possibly come from it

And this person was Yun Xis aunt, it seems…

This would be a good show, and an outrageously cheesy one at that!

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