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Chapter 518: Shed Forgotten Who Was in Charge Here

Now, all of a sudden, Chen Lixue had showed up at their door.

What if she stayed at the Yun familys house and refused to leave What if she rekindled her old flame with Yun Yuanfeng This could all happen, and it would be too late for her to regret it when it was a fait accompli!

Whats more, she and Yun Yuanfeng were currently fighting, and he hadnt been trying to touch her at all recently.

By letting Chen Lixue stay with the Yun family at this time, she would basically be giving away her husband to her.

“But…” Before Liang Xiuqin could finish speaking, Yun Xi interrupted her.

“Auntie, youre here.” Feigning surprise, Yun Xi walked over.

“If youd wanted to come for a visit, why didnt you call us in advance so that we could pick you up”

Chen Lixue glanced at Yun Xi.

Sharp-eyed, she looked her over carefully and couldnt help but compare her to her own daughter.

It had only been a few months since shed seen Yun Xi, but the girl who had been practically treated like a slave in her house in the countryside had grown into a beautiful young lady.

She was wearing a light pink wool coat, a black wool beret, and a long scarf of the same color that was wrapped around her delicate-featured, gentle face.

She looked like an heiress, and she gave off the vibe of a genuine blue blood.

She wasnt any longer the country bumpkin she had been in Muyang Town.

Even if she were compared to the proud Liang Xiuqin back in the day when she had been a great beauty, Yun Xi was far superior.

She had the noble temperament of a prominent familys heiress.

Just a quick look at Yun Xi who was standing in the living room enabled Chen Lixue to discern the huge difference between her and Liang Xinyi.

They were the same age, and Liang Xinyis style of clothing wasnt bad, but the difference could be seen at a single glance.

She also could tell that Liang Xiuqin hadnt abused Liang Xinyi.

However, in just a few months, Yun Xi—that wretched girl—looked obviously more dazzling than Liang Xinyi.

Chen Lixue finally snapped back to reality.

Remembering her recent suffering, Chen Lixue snorted and tugged at her mouth.

“I called your landline, but I couldnt get through.”

Yun Xi pretended that a realization had suddenly dawned upon her.

“Oh yes, there was a cable TV event some time ago.

The telephone and the TV used the same line, so our landline was changed to a new number.

My cousin didnt call to tell you”

The phone number had been secretly changed a few days ago when Mu Feichis people went to pick up Chen Lixue.

For some reason, that information had been kept from Liang Xinyi.

Chen Lixue glanced at her daughter.

Just as she had been mean and harsh toward Yun Xi when shed been living with her in the countryside, now she directed all her blame and displeasure toward Yun Xi again.

She completely forgot about her position in this household, whose territory this was, and who was in charge here.

“What an embarrassment you are.

You didnt even tell me that the home number had been changed.

I called so many times in vain.

If I hadnt encountered your father, I would have gone to the police station next.”

With her harsh tone and her condescending attitude, she seemed to be acting as if she herself was the madame of the family.

Yun Xi smiled aloofly.

“Im not to blame for this.

Liang Xinyi is also a guest at my house.

My second aunt is now in charge of the family.

There were probably too many things she was busy with so she didnt get to notify her in time.”

When she said this, Yun Xi deliberately looked at Liang Xinyi.

“Cousin, the phone number at home has been changed.

Remember to copy it down.

If you dont know it, then you can ask the housekeeper for the phone number so that my aunt wont push the blame on me the next time.

I really dont like her pushing the blame on me.”

Liang Xinyi looked pale, and she gave Chen Lixue an annoyed glare.

Her mother really didnt know how to speak sensibly.

This was the Yun family in Jingdu, not the Liang family in the countryside, so she had to be more mindful of who she was talking to.

Now, the second aunt of the Yun family was in charge, and Yun Xi was close to the second aunt, so they couldnt afford to offend either of them.

Yun Xi turned her head away and chuckled softly, “Second Aunt, this is my aunt who took care of me when I was living in the countryside.”

Yun Xi turned to Yao Ying, who was sitting on the sofa, and introduced them.

Yao Ying simply nodded.

She had no intention of speaking to her.

“Little Auntie, since theres a guest here, can we get an extra place setting, please Lets eat.”

“Okay, Young Madame!”

The housekeeper had been watching the good show, and upon hearing Yun Xis order, she raised her voice and deliberately emphasized the words “Young Madame” as if afraid that Chen Lixue didnt know Yun Xis identity.

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