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Chapter 524: Serve Your Lord

“Lets go!” Mu Feichi took her luggage, held her hand, and led her and Great White to the apron.

“Hey, do you want to take Great White with us”

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Great White, who was following her.

This would be the first time she had traveled with Great White.

Hearing his own name, Great White looked up at her with an innocent expression on his face.

“Yep, that way you can cultivate a tacit understanding with him.”

“Do I actually need to cultivate a tacit understanding with Great White”

Yun Xi turned her head.

She and Great White already had a tacit understanding, all right

“Do you think that the tacit understanding I mean is that he doesnt attack you and acts like a baby toward you”

“Then what is it…”

“Wait until we get there!”

Mu Feichi had piqued her interest.

Now he pulled her into the helicopter, and Great White jumped in swiftly behind her.

Yun Xi saw Qi Yuan and Feng Rui sitting in the drivers seat and the passengers seat.

Mu Feichi put the special noise-cancelling earphones on Great Whites head and handed the other pair to Yun Xi.

Jingdu wasnt far from City C.

It took about two hours by car and less than 40 minutes by helicopter.

However, the plane didnt land at the airport, but on a hilltop in the suburbs.

On top of the mountain where theyd landed, there were several modern-style villas, which were covered by dense trees and heavy snow, concealing their appearances.

Great White jumped in the snow happily as soon as he got off the plane, then suddenly darted off in the distance and disappeared.

“Great White…” For fear that he would fall over a cliff or not find his way back, Yun Xi called out.

“Dont worry, he has a positioning chip installed, so we wont be unable to find him.

Such a wild environment is the place he likes to play in the best.”

“Oh-oh…” Yun Xi nodded, then looked up at the villas shaded by trees in the distance.

She hadnt walked far before she heard the sound of cars.

A fiery red SUV sped toward them, but from this distance the people in the car couldnt be seen clearly.

“Second Master and the rest are here too,” Mu Feichi explained as he led Yun Xi to the villa.

The car roared, then came to a handsome stop while swirling up the snow on the ground.

“Yun Xi!” Before the car had even stopped, Zhao Yumo pushed open the door and jumped down.

Jiang Chenghuans face darkened.

He lowered his car window and stuck his head out to roar at Zhao Yumo, who was rushing toward Yun Xi, “Missy, do you want to get yourself killed”

“Get lost!” Zhao Yumo turned her head and made a grimace at Jiang Chenghuan.

“Ill teach you a lesson when we get back.” Jiang Chenghuan snorted angrily, after having his authority challenged and being dissed.

His face appeared upset, but he still parked the car obediently and took the luggage from the car.

As if he was part of Miss Zhaos entourage.

“Yumo, youve only been training with Second Master Jiang for a short while, yet you dare to jump out of a moving car.

Are you trying to get yourself killed”

As soon as Zhao Yumo rushed over, Yun Xi smacked her on the forehead.

“Its okay.

With my skills, Im not afraid.

Even if my skills arent up to par, Second Master Jiang wouldnt dare to actually hurt me.”

“Hes the dignified Patriarch of the Jiang family, yet he has to work as a coachman for you, as well as a part-time babysitter and a bodyguard.

How embarrassing for him.”

“I didnt force him to follow me around.” Zhao Yumo smiled and turned to look at the dazzlingly handsome Mu Feichi, her eyes full of their usual fawning.

“Young Marshal, why are you here Where is this Arent we going to a hot springs Why did we come to the top of the mountain”

With so many questions, Mu Feichi didnt have the patience to answer them all.

He left them all to Jiang Chenghuan, who had just come forward.

“Take care of your little unappreciative wolf.

I dont have the time to be a nanny.”

Jiang Chenghuan snorted lightly, then fired back unceremoniously, “I would rather be a babysitter than to serve your lord.”

Squinting slightly, Yun Xi suddenly turned her head to look at Jiang Chenghuan.

“Second Master Jiang, are you implying that Im hard to serve”

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