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Chapter 529: A Ruse to Distract Us

Grey Wolf got the information.

Yun Xis phone was near the alley.

Once he received that, Qi Yuan was able to find Yun Xis phone in a trash can.

Qi Yuans heart sank when he realized that her phone was there, but she wasnt.

Taking a deep breath, he barked orders at the person on the other end of the phone in a serious tone, “Grey Wolf, investigate all the surveillance cameras near this address right away! Right this minute!”

“As fast as possible.” Grey Wolf answered, and soon the sound of this typing on his keyboard could be heard from his end of the call.

In three minutes, Grey Wolf had hacked into the surveillance system of a nearby camera.

He relayed the information.

“Yun Xi was taken away by two women.

They had prepared a wheelchair to transport her in.

This kidnapping was obviously premeditated.

The license plate number of their car was blocked out so its impossible to trace.

Im tracking the cars whereabouts.

Go report to Young Marshal Mu.”

Qi Yuan didnt dare delay a moment longer.

He quickly called Mu Feichi.

After the call was connected, he spoke nervously, “Young Marshal Mu, something terrible has happened.

Miss Yun is gone, and Grey Wolf is tracking the whereabouts of the car that took her.”

Mu Feichi was silent for a moment.

Then he asked in a cold voice, “Where is her phone”

“Her phone was thrown into a trash can at the intersection.

The people who carried out this kidnapping were clearly well prepared.

Using a tour group as a cover, they abducted Miss Yun right under our noses…”

“D*mn it! This whole thing has been a ruse to distract us.” On the other end of the phone, Mu Feichi took off his sunglasses.

It was apparent that his gloomy face was livid with anger.

“A ruse to distract us Young Marshal Mu, on your side…”

Qi Yuan vaguely understood the seriousness of the situation.

Their opponent had come prepared, had set a trap, and had been waiting for them to walk right into it.

“The stronghold here was the bait, and their target was Yun Xi.

D*mn it!”

Upon realizing that he had been negligent and also that he had never miscalculated so miserably before, Mu Feichi became so annoyed with himself that he had the urge to smash the phone.

“Have Grey Wolf track the whereabouts of the car immediately, and dont miss any surveillance footage.

Keep yourselves well hidden in case they become suspicious and change the car.

I will return immediately.”

“Okay, perfect.”

After hanging up, Qi Yuan glanced at Jiang Chenghuan.

“You go back to the villa now.

We will meet up with Young Marshal Mu.”

Feeling guilty, Zhao Yumo looked at Qi Yuan anxiously.

“Will Yun Xi be okay”

“With Young Marshal Mu here, nothing is going to happen to her.

Second Young Master, please go back to the mountain to await any news.”

“Can I go with you Im so worried…”

Had it not been for her insistence on coming to City C, Yun Xi wouldnt have disappeared.

Jiang Chenghuan grabbed Zhao Yumo and spoke in a comforting tone, “Missy, if you go along with them, youll only cause them trouble.

What can you do to help With Young Marshal Mu here, Yun Xi will come back safely.”

Qi Yuan turned and glanced at Feng Rui.

Then the two of them quickly got into a car parked on the side of the road.

After watching their car disappear in the sea of cars, Jiang Chenghuan took out his phone and called his team of bodyguards.

After escorting Jiang Chenghuan and Zhao Yumo back to the mountain, the bodyguards all went to provide backup for Mu Feichis men.

The bumping of the car caused Yun Xis head to hit against the car window, and the pain woke her up.

Her head aching, she opened her eyes a little bit, only to find that her hands, legs, and mouth had been wrapped up with layers of tape.

With her hands tied behind her back, she couldnt prevent herself from bumping into the door and windows because of the bumpy road.

Upon seeing that she had woken up, the woman sitting next to her glanced at her and said in a sharp voice, “Oh, youre awake.”

Her speech was accented.

Yun Xi blinked her eyes and turned her head.

She leaned back against the window and turned laboriously to look at the gorgeous woman in the black trench coat.

Her legs were bare and exposed despite it being the middle of winter, and she had a pair of Martin boots on her feet.

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