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Chapter 530: Youre a Hostage, Not a Guest

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Sitting with her back against the door, Yun Xi could feel that the small backpack shed been wearing was still on her back.

She felt a little more relieved.

As long as she had the backpack, it wouldnt be that difficult for her to escape.

They probably didnt take a little girl like her very seriously.

After theyd kidnapped her, they had allowed her to keep the backpack on her back.

How careless of them!

Yun Xi struggled to speak through the tape binding her mouth shut.

She widened her eyes, as if she had something to say.

The woman sitting with her on the back seat was looking out of the car window.

The car had driven onto a deserted dirt road in the countryside.

There were barely any people around.

Suddenly, she leaned over and tore the tape off Yun Xis face.

Yun Xi winced at the pain.

Sucking in her breath, Yun Xi grimaced and endured the pain.

Then she asked in a cold voice, “Who are you Why have you kidnapped me I dont seem to know who you are.”

She had been kidnapped by this woman out of the blue.

She had no idea who her enemy was.

She couldnt remember any recent time when shed offended any woman.

Especially a woman who could abduct her while she was under the watch of Qi Yuan and Feng Rui.

Somewhat surprised that Yun Xi was acting calm and stoical, the woman looked at Yun Xi silently for a few seconds.

If it had been anyone else, wouldnt she have been crying from fear instead of asking her all these questions

This little girl was too calm.

She didnt know if her calmness was because of her ignorance or because of her courage.

She couldnt help but glance at Yun Xi carefully.

There was no fear or panic in her clear eyes.

The calm and stubborn self-assured look in Yun Xis eyes really set her apart from ordinary little girls.

“It doesnt matter who we are.

What matters is that our boss wants to see you.”

Listening to her awkward accented Chinese, Yun Xi was certain she wasnt from the Mu Group.

Since she wasnt from the Mu Group but could understand and even speak Chinese fluently, perhaps she had recently infiltrated the Mu Group.

The boss she mentioned was probably the person behind her kidnapping, but who could it be

Crocodile Or was there someone else

Yun Xi looked at her, then looked at the man in the drivers seat and the other woman in the passenger seat.

She began to try to think of all the people who might have the motive to kidnap her.

In the end, she could only reach one conclusion.

The person who had kidnapped her was probably Crocodile.

“See me Whos your boss The Mu Group doesnt treat guests like this, right”

“In our hands, youre a hostage, not a guest.”

“Hostage Since Im a hostage, then I must know who youre going to use me to threaten”

“Young Marshal Mu from Jingdu.”

“If your target is Young Marshal Mu, your boss…”

Yun Xi was about to say that it was Crocodile, but then she had second thoughts about it.

She realized that she shouldnt expose her knowledge too early.

She didnt want them to be wary of her.

She changed the topic.

“Your boss has a grudge against Young Marshal Mu If so, then why not go to him directly Whats the use of kidnapping me Do you think that kidnapping a nobody like me is going to threaten Young Marshal Mu You overestimate me.”

While speaking, Yun Xi leaned back against the car door.

Using the bumpiness in the car to hide what she was doing, she touched the bottom of the backpack.

There was an invisible zipper there.

The zipper was very well camouflaged by the edges of the backpack and was practically invisible.

This backpack had been specially modified by her, and she had a sharp scalpel hidden in a small pocket inside it.

Compared to a huge Swiss army knife, her modified scalpel was more handy and easier to hide.

After a lot of effort, she finally opened the zipper and touched the scalpel.

She turned its handle upside down and silently cut the tape that was holding her hands behind her back.

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