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Chapter 532: Escaping Skills

Yun Xi was wondering about why they would build their stronghold in a crowded village when she noticed a blue street sign that was flashing as they drove past an intersection.

She saw that it said border.

It suddenly occurred to her that City C was very near the border of Country Y.

They had been traveling for more than two hours since she had been kidnapped.

Since shed just seen that sign, it meant that they had reached the border.

For many, many years, there had been much instability at the border.

Various incidents were always taking place around here.

They had been trying to capture Crocodile for such a long time, but theyd been unsuccessful.

Apart from his occasional exits and entries, most of them had never seen him before.

Now they had arrived at their territory, and it was a village in an important place near the border, so it must be patrolled frequently.

The slightest skirmish would inevitably disturb the people who lived nearby.

As soon as anyone made a move, the authorities would definitely search the entire surrounding area.

Even if Crocodile had wings, he wouldnt be able to easily escape this border area.

Knowing all this, Yun Xi no longer had anything to worry about from the gun that was aiming at her from the passenger seat.

Opening fire would be the equivalent of exposing them as a target.

She wouldnt need to run because someone would come to rescue her.

Before the car entered the village, since many of the chickens, ducks, cattle, and sheep raised by the villagers were wandering around the lanes, the car was forced to slow down.

There were lush forests beyond the village on both sides of the street.

As the car dodged some ducks that had wandered into the road, Yun Xi suddenly lowered the window of the car.

She pushed the woman whose arms she had dislocated toward the passenger seat, rolled over and jumped out of the car window.

At this moment, she had only one thought in mind: to thank Li Zilan for teaching her the necessary skills to escape from a car.

After she had been kidnapped the last time, Li Zilan hadnt taught her how to fire a gun or how to engage in close combat, but how to jump out of a car quickly…

In order to teach her this, Li Zilan had laid an enormous mat on the site of Tianyu Mountain where they practiced.

The scene had been spectacular.

Driving the car, Li Zilan had taught her how to open the window, roll over on the seat, and jump out through a narrow window.

Shed also taught her how to land on the ground, what kind of posture to take to protect herself from injury, etc.

The speed, height, and ground conditions all needed to be carefully considered, but right now Yun Xi couldnt think about all of that too much.

The car had already entered the village.

She jumped out of the car because she was convinced that the people in the car wouldnt dare to shoot.

As soon as she jumped out of the car, the car came to a halt.

The woman in the passenger seat was about to shoot Yun Xi, when she was restrained by the man in the drivers seat.

“You must be crazy.

There are people patrolling here at all times.

Our boss will suffer too if these people patrolling get alarmed.

Get out of the car.

I dont believe she can escape far after jumping out of the car.”

The woman in the passenger seat put away the gun, pushed the injured woman into the back seat, and got out of the car.

The place where Yun Xi had jumped led to a steep slope with dense bushes, and when she jumped out of the window, she rolled down the slope.

After she finally stopped sliding, she didnt dare to delay.

She ran toward the houses in the village.

There werent all that many people living here near the border, but the houses were very densely packed together.

Almost everyones houses were sitting right next to each other, and some of them still had thatched roofs.

“There she is.

Chase after her!”

However, as soon as the pursuers slid down the slope, they saw that Yun Xi had climbed back up.

The two of them stumbled back to the road, climbing up the steep slope.

After such a long delay, by the time they got back to the car and began to chase after her, Yun Xi had long ago disappeared.

The car came to a screeching halt, and the man smacked the steering wheel with his palm and cursed to himself.

He was very annoyed.

“She cant run far.

She must still be in the village.

Ill search.”

“Youre crazy.

Anyone in this village might be an undercover agent.

What kind of identity would you assume to carry out your search Do you think our target isnt big enough”

“Then what should we do How will we explain to him that she has escaped”

Staring straight at the entrance of the village where people were coming and going, the man snorted coldly.

“Go back and report to the boss first of all.”

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