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Chapter 533: God of War, Its Been a Long Time

On top of the mountain, Mu Feichi summoned his most elite team, the Falcons.

Getting this team together was no easy task and not a decision taken lightly.

Li Zilan felt a little surprised.

After all, this team was his ace in the hole, his deepest-hidden joker card.

They never showed up nor were they dispatched for any reason that wasnt life-and-death important.

Mu Feichi would never mobilize them unless the circumstances were earth-shaking.

Now…he had mobilized them to search for a girl

Sure enough! This was really characteristic of Young Marshal Mus domineering M.O.

For that girl, this man had broken his principles time and time again.

Captain Chu Fei, Falcons captain, was dressed in casual clothes, leading a team of men who were standing in a neat formation in the snow.

Standing tall and upright, he appeared like an old pine tree on a cliff that couldnt be crushed by heavy snow or blown over by stormy winds.

His awe-inspiring, solemn aura eclipsed everything in the world.

Not far away, a helicopter touched down, and a tall figure dressed in dark green quickly jumped from it.

His tall, strongly built figure made its way toward them through the snow.

Cold and arrogant, the mans fierce face was like an unsheathed sword at this moment.

Under his frowning bold eyebrows, his narrow, sharp, dark eyes swept across the formation of men and finally stopped.

All the members of the formation instantly became serious as he approached.

They all had calm, young faces.

Just like their team name, Falcon, their dark eyes were as piercing as those of that predator.

It was easy to see that this group of men were real terminators.

This was a team of comrades who had accompanied Mu Feichi through all sorts of hardships and ordeals, and they were his most lethal weapon.

Whenever he needed them, they would go straight at the enemys throat.

Upon seeing him exiting the helicopter, their leader, Chu Fei, trotted forward and stood up straight in front of Mu Feichi.

His dark green boots echoed on the snow.

Chu Fei nodded quickly in greeting.

“Falcon is assembled!”

Mu Feichi also stood up straight.

His serious eyes fell on the familiar figures in dark green camouflage uniforms in front of him.

They accentuated his awe-inspiring masculine aura: they added to his proud, domineering appearance.

Now he walked toward the dark green formation that was standing tall waiting on his orders.

Forceful and resilient, the man reminded people of the Populus euphratica, the strong tree which prospered even in the wind and sand of the desert.

In front of the team, he stood quietly.

His sharp eyes swept across the young faces of those on the team, seemingly able to penetrate behind the masks people wore and to understand what really was going on in peoples souls.

Mu Feichi inspired a kind of majesty that naturally belonged to men, and working with him, it sprang to life spontaneously.

During the last few years, their team hadnt been dispatched to deal with any calamity.

The swords edge was hidden deep in the scabbard, and now it was time to show its edge!

“Crocodile appeared in City C.

Just now, he has kidnapped a hostage and left the city.

The border between our country and Country Y is 20 miles outside the city.

Within these 20 miles, I want you guys to find out the whereabouts of Crocodile and the hostage as quickly as possible.

Crocodile is trying to sneak across the border, and he is carrying a weapon.

Remember that the life of the hostage is the number one priority.

You guys can shoot Crocodile remotely if necessary.”

“Yes, sir!” A roar like thunder echoed throughout the mountaintop.

The 30 dark green figures appeared majestic and solemn.

“Falcon will be divided into three groups.

Group One and Group Two will do a thorough search, while Group Three will get on the plane with me.

We will maintain radio contact at all times.”

Mu Feichi turned around and reached out to Chu Fei.

Chu Fei quickly took a box out of the parked vehicle and handed it over respectfully.

Mu Feichi glanced at the box hed handed over, and his slender hand took possession of the box.

This was his birthright, his God of War, which had been with him since the day that he had become the head of the Mu family.

“God of War, its been a long time.”

The box felt cold in his hand.

His icy voice rang out, “Go!”

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