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Chapter 535: This Woman Who He Cherished

As soon as the man walking in front approached, Yun Xi jumped up and rushed toward him.

The man was taken aback.

Before he could react, Yun Xi had already thrown him to the ground, swiftly wrapped her arm around his neck, and slashed through his carotid artery.

With a popping sound, warm scarlet blood splashed all over, and some even splashed on her face.

The smell of blood was strong.

As the man lay dying, the way his eyes widened as he tried to cover his neck was hideous and terrifying.

But at this time, she couldnt pay any attention to that.

The other man quickly realized that an enemy had appeared and was about to shoot Yun Xi.

Yun Xi rolled over quickly and kicked at the mans knee.

The knee jerk reflex slowed the mans movements for a while, and Yun Xi seized the opportunity to roll over and throw him into the pile of hay bales.

The soft bounce of the hay bales caused the man to be off balance for a minute.

He desperately fought back by slamming Yun Xis clavicle with his gun.

Shed reacted a little slowly, and the gun slammed into her collarbone.

Yun Xi gasped in pain.

Thinking that he had the upper hand now, the man took the opportunity to stand up, but he wasnt expecting that Yun Xi would take this opportunity to kick him in his private parts.

The man, in pain, reflexively stretched out his hands to cover his private parts.

Yun Xi stood up, clenched the umbrella knife in her hand, swiftly lunged toward his body, and slashed the sharp blade across his neck.

After his carotid artery was cut through, the mans eyes widened in disbelief.

As he reached out to cover his neck, he fell into the hay bales.

After having taken care of these two people, Yun Xi dragged them to the middle of the hay bales with great effort and covered them with loose hay.

The nauseating smell of blood made her nerves tense up and her jaw clench shut.

This wasnt the first time she had hurt someone.

The feeling was as disgusting as Mu Feichi had said it would be.

She looked down at her bloodstained hands.

Her umbrella knife that she was holding was still dripping with blood.

Not daring to delay for too long, she quickly picked up their guns, put the umbrella knife back into her bag, and hurried into the room where they were holding Feng Yang.

Looking into the large room, she quickly confirmed that there was no one else there.

She lowered her voice and whispered, “Feng Yang Feng Yang”

Feng Yang, who was imprisoned in the room, trembled when he heard Yun Xis voice.

He knew better than anyone else that this house was a huge nest of poison.

How could that girl be here

Tape sealed his mouth so he couldnt speak.

He could only make sounds from his throat and swing the chair he was tied to to make noises.

Yun Xi quickly searched.

Hearing a small sound, she paused, then quickly distinguished which direction the sound came from.

Shed found him!

Yun Xi looked at Feng Yang, who was tied to a chair with blood all over him.

Seeing blood on her face as well, Feng Yang was stunned, and his heart twitched.

He felt a strong sense of irrepressible heartache inside of him, and he couldnt describe how he felt when he saw this girl appear in front of him in such a place.

It wasnt until many years later, after he had watched her grow up, watched her walk toward another man, and watched her get married.

Only then did he understand that that day the sentiment he was feeling was regret over not having met her earlier.

Yun Xi quickly cut the rope that had bound him to the chair and handed one of the guns to him.

“Ive taken care of the two people who were guarding you.

Lets get out of here quickly!”

Feng Yang had no time to ask her why she was here.

He took the gun and walked ahead of her.

He wasnt in the habit of letting women stand in front of him to protect him, especially this woman who he cherished.

He wouldnt let her risk being in the front line.

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