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Chapter 538: I Have a Plan

In the dim light of the grasslands, he stared at her with somber eyes.

The dried blood looked strangely enchanting.

He raised his hand and grabbed a handful of leftover snow and tried to wipe the blood from her face.

With great effort, he rubbed it against her face.

It was as if after wiping off those bloodstains, she would be like ordinary people, and everything that had happened could be erased.

“Okay, Im fine.

Its not the first time Ive experienced this kind of scenario.”

Yun Xi didnt want to think about how she had killed people just now.

She raised her hand and pushed his hand away.

Her cold hand brushed against the back of his hand, and Feng Yang trembled slightly.

Only then did he realize that she was only wearing a sweater.

With messy hair and darkened blood on her face, she appeared to resemble an abandoned little wildcat.

He lowered his head and looked down at his bloodstained coat.

Just as he was about to take it off, Yun Xi raised her hand to stop him.

“No, no, dont worry.

I have clothes.” As she said that, she took out a down jacket from her backpack.

In this era, down jackets hadnt begun to become popular yet.

She had especially asked Ling Jing to make one for her.

Shed wanted a lightweight, easy-to-carry down jacket to deal with the changing weather, but she hadnt expected to use it here in a minefield.

Feng Yang looked at her jacket and was a little surprised.

“Can this keep you warm Its going to be cold here at night, so you should wear mine.

Although its a bit dirty…”

Yun Xi waved her hand dismissively without even thinking about it.

“This is a down jacket.

Its enough to keep out the cold.

Dont worry.

Itll suffice.”

After quickly putting on her coat, Yun Xi silently counted the steps she was taking.

About 100 steps away, she stopped.

“Im going to look for a landmine to detonate.

When they hear the explosion, theyll think we were blown to pieces by it.

As soon as they leave, we can get out.”

“You must be kidding! I dont know how to clear mines, and I wont let you risk your life.

If you step on it, both of us will die here.”

For fear that she would run over and accidentally step on a mine, Feng Yang clasped her arm tightly to prevent her from running away.

“Its so cold out now, so we should wait for a while.

We might as well think of a better plan during this time.”

After a pause, she looked up at the moonlight rising on the other side of the mountain.

“And Ive been missing for such a long time.

Im certain Young Marshal Mu will definitely come to look for me.

If he comes to look for me, since its so dark, I have to at least give him a hint that were here, dont I”

Having said that, Yun Xi squatted down and took off the anklet woven from a parachute rope that she wore on her ankle.

She disassembled it into a four-yard-long parachute rope.

The buckles at both ends of the anklet contained a fine outdoor compass and magnesium rod flint on one side and a multi-purpose umbrella cord knife and a special high-frequency whistle on the other.

Feng Yang was a little surprised when such a delicate thing turned into a perfect camouflage anklet.

Yun Xi pointed to what she had brought and handed him the magnesium rod flint.

“This is a magnesium rod flint, which can be ignited.

After I detonate the mine later, I can make a fire to keep us warm.

Even if smoke rises, theyll think that the mine started a fire.

This way I can send Young Marshal Mu a clue.”

His eyes full of worry, Feng Yang looked at her gloomily, then gritted his teeth and teased her.

“How are you going to detonate it Exchange your own life for mine Besides, can you even find the mines If you miscalculate, youll die if you step on one.”

He didnt agree with her proposal.

They had no idea how many landmines had been cleared in this minefield.

Mine clearance required a high-tech minesweeper to determine the location of a landmine.

How could a little girl find where the landmines were, not to mention escape them safely and even detonate one smoothly

It was impossible to even think about.

He didnt dare to let her take this risk at all.

Worst case scenario, they would spend the night here, and tomorrow morning, they could still think of a better way to get out.

Yun Xi glanced at his disapproving expression and raised the parachute rope in her hand.

“Ill just use this to detonate the landmine.

I have a plan.”

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