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Chapter 539: You and the Mu Family Are on the Same Scale

Feng Yang didnt believe that she had this ability, and he didnt want her to be foolishly reckless.

His powerful big hand stubbornly held onto her arm.

“I learned mine clearance from Li Zilan.

You have to believe me!” Yun Xi looked up at him passionately.

Mu Feichi had taught her so many lifesaving skills.

And, now, when she really needed them, if she didnt use at least one, it would really be a shameful waste.

The very first thing that she had learned was mine clearance.

She had learned that even before shed learned how to use a gun.

Now that she was standing in a minefield in an actual combat situation, if she wasnt even able to detonate the most basic remote mine, she wouldnt be able to face Boss Zilan ever again.

The sky was already very dark.

Under the dim light of the moon, Feng Yang looked at her eyes that were dazzling like stars, and he was silent.

It was as if something in him had been conquered.

He gave in to her entreaties.

At this moment, all he could think about was what he would do in case something really happened…

He wouldnt let her face this danger alone.

He was older than she was, no longer young and ignorant, no longer irresponsible and afraid of death.

Now that he had embarked on this path, he knew exactly what he could face.

For men like these, death had never been a difficult predicament.

They were willing to risk their lives for their ideals.

This was the mental preparation they had had when they shouldered their duties.

“Ill be with you.

Let me just sit on the sidelines.

If theres a chance of danger, I want to share adversity with you, all right I will not be so ungrateful as to make you go through this on your own.”

Yun Xi raised her head.

In the dim moonlight, the mans chiseled handsome face, with its sense of coldness and solemnity, was reflected clearly.

Feng Yang was about the same age as Mu Feichi.

Although their identities were similar, the temperaments of the two of them were completely different.

Despite also being from a distinguished family, Feng Yang didnt have such a heavy family burden.

In the villa complex, he acted like a proud young master, and he could do whatever he wanted to do.

Although he was usually a little indifferent, as if he didnt take ordinary people seriously, his M.O.

always carried a sense of carefreeness and gracefulness, as expected of someone from a distinguished family.

But Mu Feichi was different.

He was the head of the Mu family.

He bore the heavy burden of his family, the safety of the entire city of Jingdu, and the safety of many people.

He was unusually determined and unrelenting, not because he was cold-blooded, but because he had to weigh his options carefully.

He couldnt be as carefree as Feng Yang because he had heavy responsibilities on his shoulders, and no one could replace him.

She still remembered what Li Zilan had said to her, “In Young Marshal Mus heart, you and the Mu family are on the same scale.”

At that time, shed felt that Li Zilan had been exaggerating.

After all, no one had ever taken her seriously, much less compared her to the entire Mu family.

She was an insignificant nobody.

How could she have such an important position She was sensible enough to know her place.

But when shed been kidnapped and hed eliminated all of Crocodiles subordinates without blinking an eye, she realized that in his heart her place seemed to be exactly what Li Zilan had said it was.

Even if it wasnt actually exactly as Li Zilan had said, it wasnt that far behind.

Its just that a humble little girl like her still felt unworthy of him.

“Okay, then follow me.

You go where I go and dont move around.”

Yun Xi didnt have any equipment capable of sweeping mines, so taking advantage of the dim moonlight, she could only use the most primitive method.

Half-kneeling, she slowly searched with the magnetic parachute knife in her hand.

“Is this all right” Having entered the minefield, Feng Yang tensed up and followed behind her as she crawled.

“I only do this as a last-ditch effort.”

Feng Yang watched her cautiously crawling on the ground on such a cold day, and he felt distressed.

He was about to step forward to let her take a break when there was a squeaking sound from the place where he had stepped.

Their surroundings were as quiet as a tomb, so this small squeak immediately attracted Yun Xis attention.

“Dont move! The mine is under your feet!”

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