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Chapter 54: The Itch in Master Mus Heart

“Miss Yun runs up the mountain every morning, then goes home after reaching the sentry post.”

There were many of Mu Feichis contacts inside the villa complex, so even the security team was arranged by them.

Tianyu Mountain was fully aware whenever something happened underneath.

“She only comes to the sentry post” Mu Feichi was a bit surprised.

Everyone under the mountain risked their lives and used all methods to attempt climbing up.

The young girl had just returned, so she probably didnt know who lived on the mountain peak, yet she somehow knew her place.

Though there was no particular reason, he felt a trace of disappointment.

After all, the little creature had been able to battle against the wolf pack.

He was somewhat looking forward to seeing if she had the ability to go up the mountain.

The entire mountain was covered with sentries and ambushes, so it was unlikely that even two of his dexterous underlings would be able to come up the mountain safely.

He actually felt some anticipation for that little creature!

“Right! I watched the surveillance footage, and she didnt approach or show curiosity.

She only runs around the perimeter before going back.

Also, the villa complex is in an uproar because of what happened with her a few days ago.”

“What happened”

“It sounds like her cousin came here from the countryside to replace her, so she was accused of being a thief by her mother and got kicked out.

Afterward, this seemed to have alerted Grandfather Jiang, and he took her to the house, but they ended up being rejected by her mother again.

Grandfather Yun was the one to personally escort her home.

The entire incident had been circulated around the entire villa complex, so everyone feels very bad for the young girl.”

Mu Feichi squinted slightly, a trace of iciness appearing on his chiseled features.

He didnt believe that that girl would be so easily bullied.

Shed been able to use Grandfather Jiangs influence to return home, so she didnt seem like a fool at all.

He waved a hand before going upstairs.

Since he was back now and she was right under his eyes, he quite missed that little creature with the claws.

Shed been relentless when shed tickled him, and shed even… elicited a bit of itchiness at the bottom of his heart.

Yun Xi woke up at exactly 6 am every day for her morning runs.

There were still many things she must do in this lifetime, so she couldnt allow her weak body to drag her down.

There were two paths from the villa complex to the sentry post halfway up the mountain.

One was the main road that Mu Feichis vehicles used to drive up the mountain, while the other was a back road taken by all the guards of the sentry posts throughout the entire mountain.

It only allowed for one off-road vehicle to pass at a time.

But today, perhaps she shouldve checked her daily fortune before leaving the house.

As she ran, a shadow suddenly bounded out from behind her!

She was instantly scared silly!

Although she knew there were many sentry posts and guards on the mountain, she had already run peacefully for so many days.

When a person suddenly appeared so early in the morning, she was truly frightened by them!

When she was able to clearly see the person running with her, Yun Xi instantly screeched to a stop!

Covering her forehead, she couldnt help but roll her eyes as she panted in deep breaths.

“Master Mu, you, you ran down the mountain so early in the morning just to scare me That seems a bit, a bit unkind”

Shed dared to guarantee that he would never appear on this road at all!

“Youre frightened just like that I thought you looked pretty brazen!”

He looked around at his surroundings, then studied the little creature he hadnt seen for several days now.

Shed only run for one kilometer, yet she was already huffing so badly she couldnt catch her breath.

Her physique was especially terrible!

Her pink and tender face was a bit red because she struggled to catch her breath.

Like a ripe peach, it exuded an alluring charm.

Compared to gaudy and cheap women who delivered themselves to his door, this young girl possessed an aura so innocent, it was absolutely beautiful.

Although she appeared shy, she was also very tempting.

Especially when her watery eyes sparkled with starlight and her brows curved into a smile, there seemed to be a whirlpool that could suck a humans soul down into it!

Mu Feichi was completed by an urge as he suddenly reached out to pinch her pink and tender cheek.

Yun Xi was totally confused by his movement that came out of the blue!

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