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Chapter 541: Successfully Evaded the Grim Reaper

For a moment, he felt panic.

“Listen to me carefully.” Yun Xi stood up, took a few steps back in the direction from where they had come, and dug out a large piece of moist soil.

“Keep the pressure on the metal and slowly squat down.

I will insert my knife into the mine under your feet, and when my knife is inserted into it, you will slowly move your feet away.”

“Okay.” Feng Yang quickly readjusted his emotions and began to cooperate with her mine-clearance work.

Perhaps because he was a powerful man who was used to being in dangerous situations, Feng Yang cooperated very well.

Yun Xi followed his foots position and stuck the parachute knife into the mines pressure port.

Feng Yang carefully moved his foot according to her instructions.

Yun Xi took the large piece of mud and slowly pressed it onto the knife.

The mine wasnt triggered.

Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

In this life-or-death situation, they had successfully evaded the grim reaper.

Yun Xi disassembled the parachute rope in her pocket into a very thin nylon string and handed one end to Feng Yang.

“You can pull it back about 20 yards away from me.”

Feng Yang looked at the small nylon rope in his hand.

Doubting its strength, he asked, “Is it going to work Its so thin.”

“Its a parachute rope.

What do you think”

Yun Xi pulled her end and watched him move back, step by step by step.

“Just stay there and dont move.”

Yun Xi turned her head and tied her section of rope to the button of the parachute rope handle, then moved back along the way shed come.

Seeing her safely approaching him, Feng Yang felt completely relieved.

At the last moment, hed almost crossed paths with death.

However, at this moment, he felt that the little girl in front of him was extremely adorable.

His joy at conquering death paled in comparison to his joy at seeing her smile so carefreely.

Shed saved him twice in a row, and he would never have thought that in his lifetime, a proud person like himself would have needed a little girl to save his life.

Lying down on the ground, Yun Xi pulled the other end of the rope and glanced at Feng Yang.

When he was lying on the ground also, he pulled the rope and the parachute knife from the distance of 20 yards.

Yun Xis umbrella knife was pulled out, and the trigger let go.

There was an enormous bang as the sound of a landmine exploding resounded throughout the uninhabited minefield.

After confirming that the vibration from the blast wasnt going to cause other mines to explode, Yun Xi stood up and found a more open place for them to wait.

“Its so cold! You start a fire here.

Ill see if theyve gone yet.

We dont have much time.

If Young Marshal Mu is coming to find us, he will need to determine our location.

The sound of the explosion just now likely alarmed the nearby villagers and Crocodile.

If Young Marshal Mu hurries over in time, he might be able to catch them.

This is the border.

If they escape over it, its going to be difficult to catch them.”

She wasnt worried about the situation she was in, but hoped that Mu Feichi would come here soon and catch Crocodile before he could run away.

Their people and the armed police had been pursuing him for so long, but he still hadnt been arrested.

This time, theyd finally gotten news of his whereabouts.

They couldnt miss this good opportunity.

“Be careful.

Dont get too close.

At least the minefield is safe now.”

“I know.” Yun Xi waved her hand and walked back with the small flashlight.

The sound of the explosion had alarmed the drug dealers who were waiting outside the minefield.

Thinking that the people they were after had stepped on a mine and had probably been killed by it, one of the cars left and one car stayed outside just in case.

Their cunningness impressed Yun Xi.

The sound of the explosion also alarmed the people who were searching for Yun Xi.

The instrument panel in Mu Feichis hand rang.

In the passenger seat, Li Zilan turned her head and said loudly, “Mu Feichi, there seems to have been an explosion in front of us.”

Mu Feichi lowered his head and searched for the location address as fast as he could.

The piece of land on the map that had been pinpointed by his device turned out to be…a minefield.

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