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Chapter 544: Discipline You the Mu Familys Way

Upon noticing the muffled sounds coming from his arms, Mu Feichi finally let go of Yun Xi.

Lowering his head, he looked down at the little rascal in his arms.

He checked her carefully and was relieved to see that she hadnt been injured.

After glancing at Feng Yang, he looked at Yun Xi and asked her, “Why is he here”

“Um…” Yun Xi glanced at Feng Yang.

Thinking about the special circumstances of his profession, she felt it wasnt her place to explain for him, so she decided to change the subject.

“That isnt the point.

The point is that Crocodile is in a nearby village.

You have to send people to chase after him immediately or else hell escape.”

Mu Feichi frowned, looked at Yun Xi without answering, and turned to look at Feng Yang.

“Ill send you back to Jingdu.”

Feng Yang didnt appreciate that offer at all.

He turned and walked outside the minefield.

“My task hasnt been completed yet.

Well talk about it later when I get back.”

“…” Fearing that the two of them might quarrel, Yun Xi pulled on Mu Feichis arm, looking at him pleadingly.

“Catching Crocodile should be our number one priority!”

Mu Feichi snorted softly.

When Feng Yang turned around, he lowered his head and kissed Yun Xis lips passionately.

A deep voice rang out from above her head, “Ill settle accounts with you when we get back.”

“…” Yun Xi glanced at Feng Yang, who was walking away.

Mu Feichi had to have his PDA regardless of the occasion.

Moreover, her face was still covered with blood, and he still couldnt refrain from kissing her.

How hard it must have been for him when she was missing.

Yun Xi murmured in mock anger, then said with a calm and fearless expression, “Every time, your threats turn out to be mere bluffing.”

Mu Feichi had turned away, but he heard her comment, and he felt amused.

“Very well then! After we get back, Ill discipline you the Mu familys way.”

“…” Yun Xi was even less afraid now after hearing what hed said.

She wasnt someone from his family, so the Mu familys way of discipline didnt intimidate her.

After all, she knew that it wasnt nearly as intimidating as it sounded.

She wasnt afraid at all.

By the time they arrived on the highway, Mu Feichis people had already arrested the people guarding the road.

Yun Xi realized that Mu Feichi hadnt come here alone.

He had brought a team of people with him.

She was really impressed by the members of his group.

After getting into the car, Yun Xi looked at Li Zilan, who was in the front passenger seat, and she immediately sat up straight.

“Boss Zilan, I didnt let your teaching go in vain today.

Although I didnt clear the mine, I successfully detonated it without hurting myself.”

Li Zilan chuckled in an especially alluring and seductive manner.

“Fortunately, you detonated the landmine, otherwise it wouldnt have been easy for us to find you.”

Young Marshal Mu had brought three teams of troops via land and air and had almost turned the entire C City upside-down.

After a pause, Li Zilan added, “However, please dont do that again next time.

It was really worrying.”

Yun Xi nodded.

With todays situation, there had been no other way.

After all, she hadnt known when they were going to come.

Shed wanted to save her life and lure away the people who were guarding her outside.

Shed also wanted to make Crocodile think they were dead.

It hadnt been easy to achieve all of these goals.

It was a pity that they had discovered Crocodiles stronghold a little too late.

Crocodile had run away in a hurry shortly after theyd detonated the mine.

They had no authority on the other side of the border.

For the sake of the diplomatic relationships between the two countries, even Mu Feichi couldnt arbitrarily trespass.

Looking at the dozen or so of Crocodiles captured henchmen, Mu Feichis facial expression really wasnt very pleasant.

Yun Xi glanced around and identified the three people who had kidnapped her among the captured.

After pulling out her gun, Yun Xi walked toward these three tied-up henchmen and kicked the woman who had been sitting in the passenger seat of the car when she was kidnapped.

The members of this group were shocked to see Yun Xi.

They were stunned when they saw her coming with a gun, and they reflexively looked at Young Marshal Mu.

Seeing that she was about to perform an interrogation, Mu Feichi pulled up a chair and settled down with a smile to enjoy it.

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