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Chapter 548: Since Youre So Capable, What Do You Need Me For?

As they quietly finished eating supper, the sun had already risen.

Yun Xi turned and looked at the man seated next to her.

Whenever he was wearing his camouflage uniform, she always thrilled to his righteous and dignified male aura.

It was undeniable that Mu Feichi was the most charming man she had ever seen.

“Babe, why are you staring at me like that Are you going to tear me apart and devour me Dont you need my consent beforehand”

“What consent” Yun Xi looked dumbfounded.

“To devour me.”

“Devour you Steamed, braised, or fried” Yun Xi looked at him with mock anger.

She was really exasperated by him.

“I will provide you with a full set of services.”

Obviously in a good mood, he leaned back against the chair and looked at her lazily.

With such a handsome face, he really appeared sultry sitting in this random posture.

“Forget it.

Im not interested in human flesh.” Changing the subject, she couldnt help but bring up something that had been bothering her.

“Why dont you ask me what happened to me during the last few days”

“As long as youre safe and sound, I wont ask anything.

However, the next time you enter a minefield, unless you have to, dont step on a mine.”

“It wasnt me who stepped on the mine.

Besides, I had spent so much time learning mine clearance from Boss Zilan.

If I couldnt save myself when it really came in handy, wouldnt all her teaching have been in vain”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes.

“So, from what I understand, you saved Feng Yang”

Yun Xi nodded and told him about what had happened briefly.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and took her hand.

Her cold little hand felt soft and delicate in his palm, but he couldnt help but want to get rid of all the things that had contaminated it.

Blood, killing, and fear…

It seemed as if that was the only way to make her life simpler and happier, like ordinary girls.

It hadnt been his original intention to involve her in his world.

“Feng Yang owes you a big favor now, and he will pay you back in the future.”

“When I rescued him, I didnt even think about making him pay back the favor.”

“Just let him get it over with, lest he use it as an excuse to hang around you in the future.

I wouldnt like it.”

“Why would you care It has nothing to do with you anyway.”

Mu Feichi glanced over at her with a cold expression.

He was once again overwhelmed with jealousy.

Yun Xi closed her mouth sensibly and changed the subject.

“What are you going to do about Han Wanling”

“What do you want me to do” Playing with her soft hand, Mu Feichi asked aloofly.

“What do you mean by asking me Shouldnt you be the one thinking about that She and Crocodile colluded with each other, and this is how you react”

The Han family was involved with Crocodile, and Han Wanling had worked together with him against Mu Feichi.

The law would deal with the fact that they had conspired together, but since she had been dragged into the water as well, she wasnt going to just let the matter go.

“Han Wanling is abroad, so even if I have 100 ways to deal with her, I cant do anything to her right now.

After all, shes in another country, and I cant knowingly break the law.”

“You dont need to knowingly break the law.

Leave Han Wanling to me.

This is my business, so I can handle it myself.”

Since she could force her to go abroad, she could also ruin her, but not now, since she cant really do anything to her while shes abroad.

She would take care of her later.

“Youre that distrustful toward me” Mu Feichi looked at her helplessly.

“Since youre so capable, what do you need me for”

“Young Marshal Mu, youre extremely useful.

You protect your family and the country, you calm peoples hearts, and youre going to marry a wife and have children.”

Mu Feichi was amused by her words.

“Its not only my responsibility to protect and defend the country, but the responsibility of the Si family patriarch as well.

As for marrying and having children, its my responsibility to marry, but as for having children…”

He deliberately looked at her flirtatiously, but Yun Xi nipped the topic in the bud before he could finish speaking.

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