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Chapter 549: I Could Bite You to Death Right Now

D*mn, shed basically shot herself in the foot.

“In short, dont interfere in the matter of Han Wanling and the Han family.”

Shed only wanted to settle the grievances between her and the Han family in her own way.

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Okay, Ill listen to you.

However, since I cant touch Han Wanling for the moment, and I dont want you to be too aggrieved by this matter, so…”

“So what”

“So, I plan to settle accounts with other people from the Han family, for example, Han Zhongteng.”

Mu Feichi stood up and pulled her up the stairs.

“Hes Han Wanlings domestic business partner.

Even if I cant settle any accounts with her for the time being, getting a little retribution will be gratifying.”

Yun Xi smiled.

Upon the mention of Han Zhongteng, she remembered Liang Xinyi.

Only a few people in her family had known that she was coming to City C.

Liang Xinyi was one of them.

So, it wasnt surprising that Liang Xinyi, Han Wanlings domestic mole, had snitched on her.

“Han Zhongteng isnt one of my first targets.

You can mess around however you want, but I just want to deal with my own messes.”

Mu Feichi naturally understood what she meant.

Since Han Wanling had gotten the news about Yun Xis whereabouts, someone must have disclosed it to her.

And among the people around Yun Xi, except for her cousin Liang Xinyi, there would be no one else.

As they were going upstairs, Yun Xi slowed down and walked behind as Mu Feichi pulled her upstairs.

He unknowingly touched the bruises on her collarbone, and she gasped in pain.

Upon hearing the sound of her gasp, he turned his head abruptly.

His expression darkened when he saw her holding her collarbone.

His sullen voice rang out from over her head, “Is there a wound on your body”

Shed said she was okay, so he hadnt checked her very carefully.

It was difficult for him to check under her clothes in front of other people.

“Its okay.

Its just a little bruise.

It will be fine tomorrow.”

How could Mu Feichi listen to her nonsense He directly reached out and pulled open the collar of her bathrobe.

When he pulled her bathrobe like that, her bathrobe unbuttoned, and most of her shoulder was exposed.

Yun Xi hurriedly reached out to cover her chest, then kicked out at him angrily.

With a look of anger and frustration, she shouted, “Young Marshal Mu, hasnt anyone ever taught you how to behave like a gentleman”

She was really helpless against him.

He just took off her clothes out of the blue.

She had never seen someone so rude and unreasonable.

Although there wasnt any flirtatiousness in that move, shed almost been naked, all right

He might be shameless, but she still had a sense of shame.

Mu Feichi stared at the large bruise on her collarbone gloomily.

The darkened bruise was an eyesore no matter how he looked at it.

“I could bite you to death right now.”

He lost his temper in a fit of anger.

He hurriedly pulled her back into the living room and rummaged through the medicine cabinet.

“Use that one.

The effect is better.” Yun Xi pointed to the pain-relieving spray in the medicine cabinet.

Mu Feichi glanced over, and Yun Xi closed her mouth obediently.

Sure enough, he was easier to talk to after being consoled.

Afterward, Yun Xi, who had been planning to sleep in the guest room, was dragged directly to the master bedroom by the overbearing Young Marshal Mu.

The master bedroom had a big bed.

“Young Marshal Mu, can I sleep in the guest room”


“Then can you go to the guest room”

“What do you think”

“Obviously, no.”

Since neither of these two options were feasible, then why was she being so difficult It wasnt as if they had never slept in the same bed before.

Isnt it just splitting a bed and a quilt in half while this way they could chat.

Why was she being so stingy

The negotiations failed, so she stopped talking nonsense with him.

She rolled onto her side on the bed, lifted the quilt over herself, and fell asleep directly.

She could feel the edge of the bed being pressed down as Mu Feichi tucked the quilt smoothly over her, but he didnt follow her to bed.

“Go to sleep.

Im here.”


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