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Chapter 55: Fair, Pretty, and Easily Pushed Over


In all her life, she had never been so intimate with a man before!

But somehow, he took advantage of her over and over again!

Also, why on Earth was Master Mu nibbling and kissing her face!

She was being sexually harassed in the middle of the day!

Yun Xis mind exploded instantly.

With a red face, she carefully pushed away the man “with his mouth” on her!

If she was merely a country girl, she wouldve probably run away scared!

Fortunately, she already experienced a lifetime of grievances and grudges, so she could compose herself no matter how awkward the situation was.

“Master Mu, you probably havent had breakfast yet and are feeling so hungry that you set your sights on me”

Mu Feichi composed himself, his eyes dark as he watched her eyes that reflected a more suggestive look than before.

Her voice also seemed to be raspier and sexier as well.

“Hungry” He raised a brow as he leaned a bit closer to her.

With their height differences, Yun Xi had to incline her head slightly to see him.

In her era, this kind of height difference was considered the most adorable kind.

She would still grow taller, so she wouldnt need to look up to him anymore.

Mu Fiechi patted her head, a barely detectable look of adoration appearing in his eyes.

“Little creature, for a man,hunger doesnt only refer to here.”

He stabbed a finger at his own chest, then continued to point to a certain flirtatious “place.” Humor lurked in his eyes, “Theres also here.”

Yun Xi instantly understood what he was implying, so her face flushed red, and all the blood in her body became chaotic!

She widened her eyes slightly and exhaled sharply.

Biting on her lip, she was only able to calm down after a very long time!

Now, she finally understood why so many people were so eager for this swift-acting Master Mu!

Not only was this man gorgeous, but he was a total expert when it came to flirting!

She suddenly recalled how Han Wanling had drugged him in the forest and coughed awkwardly.

“Master Mu, are you blaming me for what happened when I saw you being drugged in the forest That I shouldnt have rescued you since I ended up interrupting your excitement”

From the looks of him right now, that was very possible!

There was a difference in age between them, but after having lived two lifetimes, Yun Xi did have some idea about how men had biological needs that required release!

She really had done a good deed for nothing!

“Im not blaming you.

Han Wanling really made me lose my appetite.

I wouldnt want her even if she delivered herself to my door.”

Mu Feichi pressed his thin lips together, his pitch-black eyes reflecting Yun Xis image as he reached out to pinch her chin and shake it gently.

“Your type is exactly to my taste.”

“Ha…” Yun Xis smile froze on her face, her hands trembling as she pushed away his huge hand.

“All men like women who are fair, pretty, and easily pushed over.

Unfortunately, Im not like that.

A little, immature girl like me isnt suitable for you! Youre Master Mu of China, and if you waved a hand, a ton of women would deliver themselves to you.

You dont need to make yourself suffer!”

Yun Xi could cross anyone, but she must never cross this man!

Although the Mu family was a very good source of support, she didnt need them.

She could accumulate her own support and network, bit by bit.

She believed that she had the ability and strength to do it, so she didnt need to ask for someone elses help.

“Fair, pretty, and easily pushed over”

Raising a brow, he slowly reached out to pull the little creature before him into his embrace.

He pressed her tightly against his chest.

Pinching her chin, he forced her to look straight up at himself.

“Arent you exactly like that”


Must he use her own words against her!

Yun Xi struggled for a bit and finally escaped from his claws with great difficulty.

Retreating a few steps, she kept a safe distance away from him.

“With your tiny body, you are surely easy to push over.

If you want to become stronger, morning runs alone wont be enough.

You also need proper nutrition to keep up with it.”

Her body was too skinny and weak, so she probably had suffered lots in the countryside.

Even though shed already returned to the Yun family, she still wouldnt have a very good life with that harsh and unloving mother.

“I know that.” She studied medicine, so why wouldnt she understand

“Starting from tomorrow, run up all the way to the peak.”

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