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Chapter 556: Liang Xiuqin Feels Frustrated and Aggrieved

“Why not make her leave now”

When Liang Xiuqin heard that Yun Xi was going to give Chen Lixue time to consider her behavior, she became immediately anxious and looked at Yun Xi questioningly.

With an innocent look on her face, Yun Xi shook her head nonchalantly.

“No matter what, my aunt is also your sister.

How can you be so unkind, mom If you two could get along harmoniously, would things have ended up like this”

Yun Xi was really good at throwing the ball in others courts.

Giving Liang Xiuqin no opportunity to answer, Yun Xi stood up and said, “Okay, everyone, thats all for today.

You two should consider everything weve talked about carefully.

Im going to go get Grandpa to come eat.”

Liang Xiuqin turned her head to look at Yao Ying.

Yao Ying was watching Yun Xi leave the room, and she said, “I think Yun Xi is right.

You two should reflect on your constant fighting.”

Liang Xiuqin felt extremely frustrated and aggrieved.

In this matter, she wasnt at fault.

It was all because of Chen Lixue, that vixen b*tch.

Now they wanted her to take a step back Why should she

That wretched girl Yun Xi was really stupid.

Chen Lixue had made her ambition and greed so obvious, yet Yun Xi was still letting her stay in their home.

It seemed that she herself was going to have to think of a way to kick Chen Lixue out.

With her living in her home, she was impossible to guard against.

Today, shed only touched his clothes, but someday that b*tchs hands might touch Yun Yuanfengs body.

The two of them who couldnt make peace had been forced to make peace, and it felt more painful than having their flesh cut with a knife.

After lunch, grandpa went upstairs to rest.

Yun Xi dragged her second aunt into the living room to talk.

She knew that her mother definitely wasnt going to accept the way in which the dispute had just ended.

As soon as Chen Lixue went upstairs to take a nap, Yun Xi caught a glimpse of Liang Xiuqin walking toward the sofa from the corner of her eyes.

She winked at her second aunt and reached out to touch her face.

“Second aunt, your skin looks a lot younger and smoother than it did a while ago.

You look dozens of years younger.

Those who didnt know any better would think that youve had plastic surgery.”

“Plastic surgery At my old age, all I do is go to the beauty salon and use skincare products.

However, a newly opened beauty salon I went to recently is really good.

It only hires Korean experts.

Its specialties are skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal.

It also offers advice on losing weight and exercise.

They also have specially invited designers from abroad to teach you how to doll yourself up.

Several wealthy wives I know go there.

You only need to go there for a few days, but it changes your entire temperament.”

“Really No wonder you look so much younger.

My second uncle is really blessed.”

“When a woman gets older, its easy for her to be out of shape, and her face becomes more prone to wrinkles.

Im always worried that your second uncle will fall in love with younger girls now that hes no longer ill.

I have to make myself look prettier and younger or else I wont be able to hold his heart.”

“How could that be possible You two have been through so much together over so many years.

He wont abandon you, second aunt.”

“Who knows If I become a haggard old woman who is ugly and fat, he would definitely despise me.

The husbands of several of my friends were like that.

At their ages, their husbands hooked up with young and beautiful mistresses.

After going to the beauty salon for a treatment, not only did my friends look more young and beautiful, but their clothing styles also drastically improved.

Their husbands came back to them as well.

Liang Xiuqin, who was approaching the sofa, heard Yao Yings words.

She couldnt help but pinch the layer of fat on her stomach and touch her face that had grown haggard from insomnia.

Isnt what she looked like now the haggard type of women they were referring to

Chen Lixue was so promiscuous that even at her old age she was appealing, let alone young and beautiful mistresses…

Especially now, since after more than a month of separation, Yun Yuanfeng hadnt even touched her once since shed come back.

Coupled with Chen Lixues presence, she now felt an even greater sense of crisis.

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