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Chapter 558: Do You Want to Be Beaten Up Again

After the three-day break, Yun Xi went back to school.

As soon as shed arrived at school, she heard her classmates discussing the results of the preliminary English competition that had taken place at the end of last month.

Zhao Yumo, who had been “seriously ill” and was thought to have to miss the exam, had unexpectedly appeared in the examination room.

The preliminary competition had had a computerized answer sheet and a voice dialogue question-and-answer format, so it hadnt been difficult for Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

After the results came out, there was almost no suspense in the rankings.

Yun Xi was the first, Zhao Yumo was second as usual, and Zhou Chengzhe was the third.

What attracted the most attention wasnt the fact that Yun Xi had ranked first in Jing High School, but that she had ranked first among everyone in the competition.

The participants consisted of hundreds of students from various schools across the country.

Zhao Yumo was ranked seventh, and Zhou Chengzhe hadnt even made the top 20.

As soon as the results came out, even the teachers couldnt wait to notify the students.

The entire school was in high spirits.

Seeing his own ranking, Zhou Chengzhe couldnt believe it at all, and he asked the English teacher for the ranking of all the schools.

After looking at the form for a long time, he found his name in the 32nd position.

As for the first place that had always belonged to him, Yun Xis name was printed on the top in first place.

Looking at such results and rankings, Zhou Chengzhe couldnt accept it.

He suddenly raised his head to look at his English teacher.

“Teacher, dont you think that theres been some sort of mistake How could I be in 32nd place”

Finals were one week before the Spring Festival.

Only 33 finalists were allowed.

He was 32nd, which was equivalent to being second from the bottom.

His English wasnt all that good, but he hadnt expected that Yun Xi, a girl from the countryside, would actually have better English than he did.

How could that be In a place like the countryside, its considered good enough

if one is able to learn the standard dialect well.

It was unbelievable that she was so fluent and so knowledgeable.

“This is the transcript that was sent by the host.

How could computer statistics and manual review scoring be mistaken Your score really wasnt very good.

Just keep working hard.”

Usually, the English teacher for Class 1 was very biased toward and very proud of Zhou Chengzhe, the top student in the grade.

It was certainly a pity that after Yun Xi joined their class all the advantages and glory had been snatched away by Class 3s teacher.

Although a lot of things had happened because of Yun Xi, shed emerged unscathed and had risen to the top.

It seemed certain that she was bound to be awarded as the top scholar in the grade.

Zhou Chengzhe walked out of the office unhappily.

His previously calm facial expression had changed into a ferocious, sinister expression.

Hed once again underestimated that wretched girl.

What Zhou Chengzhe didnt know was that Yun Xis first place score had also surprised the organizers and judges of the competition.

Because she had gotten the best result in the competition ever recorded.

After receiving praise from the leaders of the Education Bureau, the principal was so happy that he couldnt wait to praise the teachers in Class 3.

When going to the cafeteria for lunch at noon, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo saw Zhou Chengzhe, who had come out of lunch early.

They had noticed that he had been studying manically lately.

Theyd heard from his roommate that he was the one who got up the earliest and went to bed the latest every day.

He had dark circles under his eyes.

In order to beat them, hed probably gone all out to study hard.

Although his grades were good, compared with their grades, they were quite embarrassing.

A dark figure blocked her way.

Yun Xi raised her eyes to look at Zhou Chengzhe, who was blocking her way.

She sneered and backed away.

Yun Xi would give in, but Zhao Yumo wouldnt, especially toward a despicable villain like Zhou Chengzhe.

She despised him.

“Zhou Chengzhe, after you had such a bad fall down the stairs last time, you probably havent completely healed yet, have you Do you want to be beaten up again”

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