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Chapter 56: Youre the First Person!

“Whys that” Yun Xi shot him a cautious look.

“Come to Mu Mansion to see me!”

“No, thanks! Its too far, and not only am I too weak to run up there, but I would probably be killed off by your guards before I even got halfway up!”

“If you can defeat them and get up to the peak, I will grant you one wish.”

He was very curious to see her true abilities.

Since shed been able to calmly, swiftly, and viciously battle against the wolf pack, it didnt look like she hadnt trained before.

Also, he could tell that she was the type of person who appeared quiet but would make a big splash once she showed her true colors.

If he could learn about her abilities, it would make it easier for him to “get to know her”!

Unfortunately, Yun Xi didnt know that, at that moment, Master Mu had already cast an intricate web and patiently waited for her to fall into his clutches.

Yun Xi didnt want to get too involved with him, so she retorted in exasperation, “Master Mu, you havent even repaid me for saving your life, and you already plan on racking up a tab”

She wasnt someone who needed to flatter him.

While he was Master Mu of China, he wasnt anyone to her.

She didnt need to ask for anything from him.

He poked her pink cheek and smiled lovingly.

“Little creature, you were the one to end up in my wolf lair.

I think I was the one to rescue you”

Within all of China, he was the first person who had ever dared to bargain with her!

Yun Xi squinted her eyes and gritted her teeth.

“Fine, we can call it even! If you are concerned about me disrupting the peace on your Tianyu Mountain, then I wont be running here tomorrow.”

Mu Feichi pressed his thin lips together, his dark brows furrowing.

Iciness formed in his dark and bottomless eyes.

“Other people use all means possible to get up the mountain.

Little creature, youre telling me you dont want to come at all While I may be able to grant you something, this is actually an honor that other people may not necessarily have!”

“Then thats more the reason I wouldnt dare to accept it! The heavens never grant gifts, but only lay traps.

Master Mu, Im already past the stage of being a gullible little girl.”

“In all my life, no one has ever rejected me before.

Little creature, youre the first one.”

“Then Im very honored to be this first person to do it!”

“Youre not worried about me visiting your home If I were to go to your house, then you would become much more valuable in the eyes of the Yun family.”

“You…” Though shed met people who wanted to pick a fight, shed never met anyone who picked fights for her!

Yun Xi suppressed the urge to beat Mu Feichi and breathed in deeply.

He was fully aware of her circumstances.

She didnt need the sympathy or pity of others, but why did he have to use such methods to threaten her

He was threatening her with something he was adamant about giving out, but not something he wanted to obtain!

Nonsense! She shouldnt have rescued him in the first place! If shed allowed him and Han Wanling to fool around, then he probably wouldnt have set his sights on her!

She hadnt even established herself firmly within the Yun family yet, so the Yuns would certainly take advantage of her arranged marriage with the Jiangs.

But if they learned about her involvement with Master Mu of China, then the entire Yun family would turn upside down!

A connection with Master Mu would bring more than ten times the benefits the Jiangs could offer.

Yun Xi didnt want them to reap too many benefits!

She must maintain control of the situation and not let Mu Feichi obtain it.

Otherwise, she would be under his control!

“Okay then.

Ill go up to the peak tomorrow.

If I win, I will accept your generosity.

However, I have a condition.”

Mu Feichi curled his lips into a subtle smile.

“I must commend her for having the courage to bargain with me at a time like this,” he thought.

“Go on.” He stared pointedly at her angry face.

She was delicate and cute, completely unblemished by the world.

But when she negotiated with him, her relentless and uncompromising stubbornness made his heart itch.

He felt so itchy that it made him want to conquer it.

“Dont force me to go to the Mu Mansion every day.

I dont want other people to know that I know you, nor do I want to be taken advantage of by them.”

Okay.” He understood what she was saying and was also fully aware of her circumstances.

He genuinely felt bad for this little creature.

He was only granting her one wish after all.

As the great Master Mu of China, he actually had to use threats and temptation too.

She was truly a lot of trouble!

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