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Chapter 563: Just Beat Him

Yun Xi was really feeling at a loss for words at this moment.

She chuckled and pulled on Zhao Yumos arm.

“Birds of a feather flock together.

Lets get out of here and not stick our noses in where they dont belong.”

Zhao Yumo laughed at the shamelessness of these two people.

She nodded, not intending to bother with them anymore.

It takes two to tango.

Hed shamelessly misinterpreted her gesture of goodwill, so she wouldnt be a busybody anymore.

“Yanyan, lets leave now.” Feng Xifang glanced at the two of them contemptuously and turned around.

They had decided to leave, but these two shameless ones just couldnt let it go.

Li Weinan looked at them accusingly.

“You want to run after hitting someone How unfair.”

He couldnt just let them off the hook after theyd exposed his identity and hurt his feelings.

“Then what do you want to do” Yun Xi turned her head back while suppressing her laughter.

A student already in university could be considered an adult man.

It was already bad enough that he had no sense of responsibility, but for him to be shameless to this level was an eye-opener for her.

“This guy!” Li Weinan pointed at Feng Yang.

“He injured me so he must pay for my medical expenses.

Also, youve instigated nonsense to try to destroy my reputation, so you have to compensate me for psychological damages.”

“Hey, you, why are you so shameless You started all the controversy first.”

Zhao Yumo, who had just been persuaded to back down, got all riled up again when she heard him make such a shameless request.

“Really” Yun Xi grabbed Zhao Yumo and smiled at Li Weinan slyly.

“Of course! Youre in the wrong for hurting people.

Do you guys actually think youre justified in your behavior”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at Feng Yang, who was standing on the sidelines at this point.

“Well, since you want to be compensated for medical expenses… Feng Yang, beat him to death, then we can pay for his medical expenses.

Yumo, call for an ambulance.”

No matter what, if they had to pay for medical expenses anyway, they might as well beat him up badly.

Regarding this sort of shameless and unscrupulous person who had no bottom line or principles, one didnt need to be reasonable at all.

They just needed to beat him up.

Feng Yang had already guessed what she was thinking when Yun Xi stopped to ask the guy what he wanted.

Little wildcat, as she herself had said, she wasnt good-hearted.

She had always been the one to bully others, and no one could bully her.

“You, what do you want” Li Weinan looked at Feng Yang, who was approaching step by step.

He couldnt help but step back in fright.

Hed just wanted to scam them out of a sum of money, but he hadnt expected this little b*tch to be so vicious.

“Im warning you! If you dare to touch me, I will sue you.

I will sue you to death.

I dont believe youre above the law in Jingdu.”

Liang Xinyi really wanted to inform Li Weinan that the man in front of him really was above the law in Jingdu, but Feng Yang had already punched Li Weinan on the bridge of the nose.

Li Weinan, who was unable to fight back, suffered several blows in a row.

Feng Yang always beat people in places that couldnt be seen, and he had a good grasp of his strength.

He wouldnt cause internal injuries, but he would make people suffer pain.

“Stop it! You guys stop fighting!”

No matter what, Li Weinan still had some uses for her, so Liang Xinyi didnt want to see him being beaten up.

Moreover, he was still her suitor, so Yun Xi letting someone beat him up was tantamount to giving her a slap in the face.

This direct and unabashed humiliation made her face grow hot.

“Yun Xi, dont go too far! If youre envious of me and think Im awful, you can fight with me.

What do you mean by bullying him”

“Envious of you” Yun Xi chuckled lightly, then glanced at the man on the ground who was being beaten into crying.

“As if I would be envious of you because of someone on his level”

“Well, what other reason do you have to make my life miserable Provoking discord, talking nonsense, and beating up people… You guys ran out of that car in such a hurry.

Arent you sure youre not targeting me because youre envious of me Youve always been arrogant, and I know you cant stand to see me better off than you.”

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