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Chapter 564: Why Do You Want to Make Her a Scapegoat

Yun Xi really didnt want to argue with her on this topic.

She was above giving this delusional, narcissistic b*tch the time of day.

After Zhao Yumo made the emergency call, Yun Xi asked Feng Yang to stop beating up Li Weinan.

Feng Yang stopped and condescendingly looked at Li Weinan, who was hugging the ground and howling.

“I will pay your mother the medical expenses.

Im not used to disciplining someone elses son.

If you want to talk about legal matters with me, Ill be available at any time.”

After getting in the car, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyis bitter expression and withdrew her gaze indifferently.

“Yanyan, the housekeeper…”

“Dont worry.

I know exactly what to do.

Our housekeeper works so hard, and Im sure that even if she didnt need money, she wouldnt give it to her unfilial son to squander, let alone buy things so that Liang Xinyi can shamelessly indulge herself.”

Yun Xi had figured that Feng Xifang would do something to inform their housekeeper, but she hadnt expected her “reminder” to be so unique.

When Yun Xi came home from school, as soon as she stepped into the villa complex, she saw the Feng familys housekeeper arguing with Chen Lixue at their front door.

Standing beside Chen Lixue was Liang Xinyi, who had just gotten slapped by the housekeeper.

Covering her face and crying while hiding behind Chen Lixue, she glared at the housekeeper with a hurt expression.

When Chen Lixue saw that her precious daughter had been slapped, she got immediately furious with the housekeeper.

It was dinnertime and everyone was getting off work, so many of the people in the villa complex who were headed home stopped in their tracks upon hearing the quarrel.

The Feng familys housekeeper was a native of Jingdu, and she was taller and more robust than Chen Lixue.

She was also stronger than Chen Lixue and she quickly subdued her.

“Watch out what your daughter is doing, and dont let her be so shameless.”

“Then why dont you watch over your son It was your son who was willing to spend money on my daughter, so how is she to blame If you were to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for not raising your son well.

How dare he pretend to be rich when hes filthy poor How shameless!”

“Who was the one who was shamelessly clinging to my son Your daughter has no shame or decency at such a young age.

She clings to whoever seems to have money, so who is really the shameless one My son will be disciplined, dont you worry, but you really have no leg to stand on in judging children.”

“…..” Yun Xi watched the two of them bicker with each other at the door of the house, as if she were watching a play.

Chen Lixue had been the master of the house in the countryside for so long, and she had become accustomed to behaving arrogantly and domineeringly.

She was much more shameless than the housekeeper.

Seeing that the housekeeper was about to be defeated, Yun Xi hurried forward to interrupt the dispute between the two.

“Whats going on I heard so much commotion at the door of our house from a long distance away.”

Upon seeing Yun Xi coming home, Chen Lixue exploded immediately.

Her eyes glaring at Yun Xi were so bitter that it was as if she had seen her mortal enemy.

She completely forgot where she was now.

“Wretched girl, you still have the guts to come home Look at the good deed youve done.

Youve let someone beat this b*tchs son, and now shes putting the blame on my daughter.

How dare she! Why do you want to make her a scapegoat If youre envious that someone is giving gifts to and pursuing Xinyi, go into the streets and get a guy for yourself.

Why do you have to harm my daughter”

Yun Xi turned her head toward her aunt, and her cold eyes were fierce.

“Auntie, this is my home, so why shouldnt I come back Have you forgotten your place after living here for just a few days Have you started to treat this as your own home”

After Yun Xi reminded her of what was what, Chen Lixue froze, and she was stopped by Liang Xinyi just as she was about to scold her back.

“Mom, dont talk nonsense.

Shes now the young madame of the Yun family.”

Upon the mention of her status as the young madame of the Yun family, Liang Xinyi grit her teeth.

She felt so resentful about this that she had the urge to rush forward and tear apart Yun Xis arrogant face.

Had it not been for Liang Xiuqin robbing her mother of her man back in the day, she would currently be the young madame of the Yun family.

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