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Chapter 566: I Can Crush You

My own daughter has dug her own grave, yet she blames it on others instead of blaming herself.

How funny!

Liang Xiuqin joined in, “Yun Xi is right.

This is the villa complex, not the countryside.

If you want to cause trouble, you can leave by the gates of the villa complex.

Our Yun family has a good reputation and cant afford to suffer this kind of humiliation.”

Chen Lixue glared at Liang Xiuqin.

She had treasured Liang Xinyi before as a daughter, but now that her own mother had come, shed kicked her to the curb.

If she had been the one whod married Yun Yuanfeng back in the day, Liang Xiuqin wouldnt be able to be so smug right now.

Just as Chen Lixue was contemplating whether she should go to stir up a ruckus or stay and continue to quarrel, Liang Xinyi burst into tears.

“Yun Xi, how can you be like this You know that Li Weinan willingly gave those clothes to me.

Its bad enough that youre envious of me, but why frame me In the worst-case scenario, I will return the things and give his mother back her money, but do you have to be so ruthless toward me”

When the pretentious b*tch acted so innocent like this, even Yun Xi couldnt help but admire her acting skills.

No wonder shed been so miserably bullied by Liang Xinyi and Yun Chuhan in her previous life and had even been set up by her best friend.

She blamed herself for being stupid, and she also blamed herself for being unable to act phony.

“Liang Xinyi, since youre trying to pull me into the water, then I will settle this matter with you once and for all.

Dont say that Im bullying you.

I can crush you if I want to.”

Yun Xi rubbed her forehead and turned to look at the housekeeper.

“Little auntie, the money that your son used to buy designer stuff for Liang Xinyi was swindled from you, right”

“Yes! He lied to me about joining cram school, so I gave him the money.

That was our familys living expenses for a few months.

My son was deceived by this little b*tch.

He himself doesnt even wear designer brands, so how could he possibly spend money to buy her designer brands.”

“All right, my second question is, did I beat up your son”

The housekeeper shook her head.

“No, it was the young master who beat up my son, but he was only disciplining my naughty son for me, so he wasnt in the wrong.

I would have broken his leg if Id been the one disciplining him.

And, the young master paid for his medical expenses.”

“And now youre still working as the housekeeper in the Feng family” Yun Xi asked.

Her tone became colder, and her eyes looked at Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi with anger.

“Yes! Im working as the housekeeper of the Feng family, and Li Weinan is my son.”

“From beginning to end, what did any of this have to do with me Liang Xinyi, Li Weinans mother is the housekeeper of the Feng family, so why would I be envious of you You have dug your own grave, yet you want me to clean up the mess for you.

Please explain this to me clearly.

If you cant explain it clearly, you and your mother dont need to come back today.”

“If it werent for you and Zhao Yumo sowing discord at the school gates, Li Weinan wouldnt have been beaten up, and his mother wouldnt have come to trouble us.

It was all because of you.

I did nothing wrong, and it wasnt like I asked Li Weinan to give me the gifts.

What does it have to do with me”

Liang Xinyi had to drag Yun Xi into the water with her.

She couldnt be the only unlucky one.

She had decided that the culprit who had caused her to end up in this predicament today was Yun Xi.

Shed persuaded Zhao Yumo to stir up trouble, persuaded Feng Yang to beat Li Weinan up, and asked the housekeeper to come to the house to try to get her money back.

Everything had been caused by her.

All she had done was just receive gifts from her admirer.

Why had things turned out like this

Wasnt she innocent from beginning to end

Naturally, Yun Xi also knew all this.

The culprit was actually the unfilial son, Li Weinan.

She hadnt planned to bother about this.

Feng Xifang had asked her housekeeper to come to talk to Liang Xinyis mother, and of course Yun Xi was happy to see Liang Xinyi being unlucky.

It was her fault for being so greedy.

But…just now, Liang Xinyi shouldnt have tried to drag her into the water!

Since she had dragged her into the water, she wasnt going to be merciful.

She, Yun Xi, never let herself suffer.

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