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Chapter 567: She Was Really Getting Screwed Over by Her Mother

“From start to finish, I didnt know Li Weinan.

Whether you seduced him or he pursued you, did I say anything about it You keep saying that I sowed discord because I was envious of you, but you would need to at least have the qualifications to make me jealous.

What is my identity, and what is your identity Know your place!

“Also, my dad is very proud.

Today, you and your mother have caused such a huge scene.

You two have brought shame to my grandfather and my dad.

I think it would be better for you and Liang Xinyi to move out.

Our Yun family is too small for you two great gods.”

Chen Lixue became anxious when she heard Yun Xi kicking them out.

“I wont go.

Why should we go It was her son who was shameless, and she came to our door looking for trouble.

If someone has to go, make this old b*tch go.


“Mom!” As soon as Chen Lixue started to speak, Liang Xinyi hurriedly stopped her.

Now, the second aunt was in charge, and the second aunt listened to Yun Xi.

A few words from her would be enough to drive them out, and even Yun Yuanfeng wouldnt be able to help them.

“Dont grab me.

Theyre too overbearing.

If the tiger doesnt show off its might, it will get treated as a feeble cat.”

“Mom!” For fear of the consequences of her mothers mouth running wild, Liang Xinyi pinched her severely.

“Xinyi, why are you pinching me Mom is seeking justice for you now.

Also, Yun Xi, no matter what, Im still your aunt.

How can you help an outsider instead of your own family Obviously, this old b*tch was asking for trouble.

Are you blind”

Yun Xi shrugged and shot a sympathetic look at Liang Xinyi.

She didnt want the matter to get blown up.

She wanted to brush aside the whole thing.

However, right now, Chen Lixue was digging her own grave, and now shed even dragged Liang Xinyi into the water.

“Mom, stop talking!” Liang Xinyi pulled Chen Lixue aside.

“If you keep talking like this, well both get kicked out of the villa complex.”

Liang Xinyi turned her head and looked at all the people in the villa complex who were watching them.

She felt awkward and embarrassed.

She was really getting screwed over by her mother.

She spoke without any scruples.

She completely disregarded where they were as well.

This was the military villa complex, not the countryside.

It was not a place where she, the village chiefs wife, could do whatever she wanted, not a place where she could get what she wanted just by demanding it.

“Since my aunt wants to ask for justice, then you should ask for it at the front gates.”

With that said, Yun Xi turned her head and said to their housekeeper whod come out to watch the show.

“Let them come in after theyre finished causing trouble.”

“You wretched girl…” When Chen Lixue saw that the housekeeper was about to stop her at the door, she pounded on it.

The housekeeper quickly fastened the bolt and then looked at Chen Lixue, who was shouting outside through the iron door.

It was really sad for the Yun family to have such relatives.

“What are you doing Open the door! How dare a little housekeeper like you stop me Im a guest of the Yun family and a relative.

You treat guests like this”

“The young madame has issued an order, so you cant enter the house until youre finished causing trouble.

This is your business and has nothing to do with the Yun family.

You can continue to make trouble until Mr.

Yun comes back and suffer humiliation in front of him.

Then, youll see what side hes on.

With that said, the housekeeper winked at the Feng familys housekeeper.

The two of them went to the grocery market to buy groceries together frequently, so she understood the meaning of her wink.

How could Liang Xinyi fail to understand that the two families clearly had joined hands to bully the mother and daughter.

What a stuck-up b*tch.

After she becomes the Yun familys young madame in the future, shell kick all of these b*tches out of the villa complex one by one.

“Mother of Li Weinan, I will return the things to you, and we will compensate you with money if we cant, so stop making trouble.

Also, take care of your son and tell him to stop looking for me.”

If the trouble went on and Yun Yuanfeng came back, things would really get out of hand at that time.

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