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Chapter 57: Because I Have a Good Fortune!

Yun Yuanfeng returned from a business trip.

By the time he met his eldest daughter, whom he hadnt seen in over ten years, it had already been five days since Yun Xi had returned to the Yun family.

In the past few days, the entire villa complex was in an uproar because of the earlier incident of the real and fake Yun Xis.

Now everyone knew that the eldest heiress of the Yun family was home.

It was also because of Liang Xinyis previous attempt to replace her and Liang Xiuqins superstition thatd caused everyone from the villa complex to feel disdain and disgust toward the methods of this aunt and niece pair.

Liang Xiuqins identity within the villa complex had been awkward to begin with.

After all, the Yun family hadnt been able to present a respectable title in this area.

Grandfather Yun was only a minor character, and it was all thanks to Grandfather Jiangs support that their family could all live in the villa complex.

Especially since Liang Xiuqin was from the countryside and her parents had died early, she had no support or esteemed background.

Since shed married Yun Yuanfeng, itd been obvious that she was very impressive compared to the people from Muyang.

However, she couldnt have exactly shown off anything with the villa complex.

She had worked hard to maintain the image of the wife of the Deputy Director for over ten years, yet itd been destroyed in one day.

Shed originally intended to steal the arranged marriage from Yun Xi and marry her second daughter into the Jiang family.

That way, they could rely on a powerful family like the Jiangs.

But with all this commotion, not only had she failed to steal the marriage, but shed also ended up offending the Jiangs.

Even her reputation beyond the villa complex had been ruined by the gossip circulated by the other older women.

Yun Xi, that wretched girl, was truly a star of death.

Shed caused Liang Xiuqin to be humiliated and lose all face!

Even her husband, Yun Yuanfeng, was suffering pressure from his bosses at the office.

If this wretched girl hadnt come back, would they even have had to face all these terrible things

Yun Yuanfeng hadnt felt much emotion when he saw his eldest daughter.

Hed already had three daughters, so it didnt matter if one was missing.

But this daughter implicated his career prospects, as well as support from the Jiang family.

He must help her for now, even if he didnt like her.

The mess caused by Liang Xiuqin had caused him to fall into a worrying situation.

Yun Yanfeng was truly enraged, so he directly scolded Liang Xiuqin!

Neither of them had expected that the wretched girl would earn Grandfather Jiangs favor as well as make the Chens owe her for saving their sons life!

“Who would have thought that wretched girl would get such random good luck With her fortune as the star of death, I was still worried that—”

“Worried Youre stupidly superstitious! If her fortune was truly that terrible, you think the Jiangs would accept her And it would be such a coincidence for her to rescue the eldest heir of the Chens as well Why cant you grow a brain Could she really be a star of death if she was able to instantly gain the support of two of the Four Great Clans”

Yun Xi passed by their room when she went downstairs, so she overheard them arguing and stopped in her tracks.

After listening carefully for some time, she understood why her father had rushed back so quickly.

It was probably because Grandfather Jiang had asked the senior management to give Yun Yuanfeng trouble.

Since they were arguing so fiercely, Yun Xi predicted her father would soon be begging her for something.

She scoffed before going downstairs.

When she turned the corner, she saw Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling standing side by side and blocking the stairs.

They looked like they were here to pick a fight.

Yun Ziliing put on the airs as an heiress, raising her hand to push Yun Xi viciously.

“Wretched girl, cant you see that Mom and Dad are fighting because of you”

It was all thanks to this little b*tch that her parents were fighting as soon as her dad had come home.

Yun Xi had the looks of a cursed girl, yet her grandfather was actually siding with her!

Yun Xi slightly retreated up two steps to haughtily look down at Yun Zilings proud face.

“I didnt see it, but I did hear it.

What does that have to do with me If Mom and Cousin didnt collude to anger Grandfather Jiang, would things have gone to this extent If you need to vent your anger on someone, turn your head to the right.

The culprit is standing right there.”

When Liang Xinyi heard her name being mentioned, she also chimed in to support Yun Ziling in order to express her position.

“Wretched girl! If it hadnt been for you refusing to give up that day, would things have turned into such a mess Its all because you had the Jiangs come here and make the entire villa complex see us as a big joke! Shes your own mother, but you hurt her so badly.

You have no conscience at all!”

“You said it as well.

Shes my mother, not yours.

What right do you have to replace me”

“Because Auntie likes me, and because I have a better fortune than you!”

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