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Chapter 570: Who Knows What the Ending Will Be

After Yun Xi took first place in the English competition, the senior students would say a few words of English to her every time they saw her.

Yun Xis good temper had earned her a small number of fans.

She answered her classmates neither arrogantly nor haughtily.

She communicated patiently in a way that they could understand.

She rarely ever turned away anyone who came to strike up a conversation.

Gradually, activities began to emerge in the school.

These were English exchange activities.

No matter what their grades were like, third year students would come and listen to them.

Among the crowd, you could always see Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

English teachers from various classes also noticed this phenomenon and encouraged students to talk more, listen more, and communicate more in class.

Zhou Chengzhe had encountered these exchanges several times as he returned to his dormitory, and he dismissed it as Yun Xi wasting time trying to bribe people.

Seeing that she was wasting time and energy, he felt that it was a good opportunity for him to surpass her.

Yun Xi saw Zhou Chengzhe passing by several times with a pompous, disdainful, and arrogant expression on his face, and she felt quite amused.

The countdown time for the final exam and the countdown time for the college entrance examination were all written on the blackboard at the back of the classroom, and the class monitor was responsible for changing it every day.

Looking at the time passing by little by little, Yun Xi felt a sensation of steadiness like never before.

After school one day, she unexpectedly saw Chen Yichen waiting by his car at the school gates.

Only then did she remember that the last time shed seen him was when she was in the hospital when Third Young Master Chen had almost been assassinated.

It had been a while since shed seen him.

“Eldest Heir.” Stepping forward, Yun Xi glanced at him.

His handsome face looked haggard.

It seemed as if he hadnt been resting well.

The dark circles under his eyes were deep, and his eyes were bloodshot.

It looked like he was making a habit of staying up all night.

Seeing her coming, Chen Yichen stood up straight with a gentle smile on his lips.

“Yun Xi, long time, no see.” There were traces of excitement and exhaustion in his hoarse voice.

Since the last time when Young Marshal Mu had declared sovereignty in front of his third uncle, he had considered whether he should give up fighting for her.

After working in the technical department researching and developing new products for more than two weeks, hed thought that if he stayed busy, maybe the desire would fade from his mind.

However, the busier he got, the more tired he got.

And when he stopped working and tried to calm down, all he could think of was her bright smiling face.

As if possessed by a demon, he was driven to the abyss step by step and felt as if he was being crushed to pieces, but, even feeling like this, he still didnt want to give up on her.

So what if he was Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family Who knows what the ending will be

“I havent seen you for some days.

I called the old madame and Madame Chen.

They said that you were too busy to be at home.

What have you been up to lately”

“Developing new products.

Its almost the New Year, and I plan to complete some tests before the end of the year.”

“So thats how it is.

You dont seem like youve had any good rest.

Go home and rest.”

“I havent eaten for an entire day, so how about coming to eat something with me”

Yun Xi had received a message from her second aunt and wanted to go home early, but she nodded after seeing the look of expectation on his face.

Once they were sitting in the car, Yun Xi wrote out a simple list of nourishing items, then took a piece of chocolate and placed it on the dashboard of the car.

“Have your housekeeper make some tea for you to drink.

Work is important, but your health is more important.”

Chen Yichen glanced at the prescription shed written out, and his thin lips raised in a happy smile.

“Okay! Ill listen to you!”

“Is the Third Young Masters injury much better The injury he suffered in the winter must be taken care of, otherwise there will be aftereffects.”

“My third uncle went back to work after the wound healed.

We couldnt have stopped him even if wed wanted to.”

“He must have a heavy burden on his shoulders, and he cant even recuperate with peace of mind.”

“Why dont you ask if that group of people was caught Arent you curious at all since you fought with them”

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