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Chapter 571: No Pain, No Gain

Chen Yichen turned his head and glanced at her.

She was very cautious about questions that shouldnt be asked, and she had a sense of propriety.

She was sensible and knew when to advance and when to retreat.

She neither deliberately tried to climb socially and take advantage of the Chen family status, nor did she expect them to reward her for all the lifesaving shed done for the family.

In a family like the Yun family, it was really rare to have been able to raise her to be so considerate.

Even the young madames who had received elite educations in Jingdu might not be able to understand how to act in the face of so many temptations.

“Curiosity killed the cat.

I wont ask about things that I shouldnt know about.

After all, I still cherish my life.”

“Really Its very good that you cherish your life.”

Chen Yichen glanced at her.

The smile at the corners of his mouth seemed a little bitter.

His third uncle had told him about the assassination attempt on Christmas Eve.

Although the news had been blocked from common consumption, he was the eldest grandson of the Chen family, and the future head of the family, so the elders in the family wouldnt hide things that he should know from him.

When shed run back to fight side by side with Young Marshal Mu, did she ever think that she was about to face professional assassins who had expert marksmanship

Had she ever thought about how she was just a girl, so she shouldnt take such a risk

When she ran back to join him, she probably wasnt thinking about anything, right

He didnt want her to have anything to do with Young Marshal Mus world.

It was a mans world, a mans world!

She was a young girl and shouldnt bear so many responsibilities and dangers way before her time.

She should do what she liked to do, save people and heal the wounded, just like shed been doing when theyd first met.

Instead, now she used her hands that had originally rescued people to hurt people.

They went to an old Chinese restaurant.

When Chen Yichen was about to order, Yun Xi reached out and took the menu.

“Ill order for us.”

“Okay! Order whatever you want to eat.”

Yun Xi scanned the dishes on the menu.

She choose the names of several nourishing dishes and then handed the menu back to the waiter.

Chen Yichen listened to her soft, gentle voice order the names of the dishes.

“Black chicken soup is nourishing.

The weather has been cold recently.

I guess youve been pulling several all-nighters, right Add a cup of red date wolfberry tea…”

After ordering all the dishes, Yun Xi handed the menu back to the waiter.

Then she raised her eyes to meet Chen Yichens gentle eyes.

Yun Xi felt a little embarrassed and raised her hand to touch her face.

“Whats wrong”

“No, nothing.” Leaning against the back of the chair, Chen Yichen smiled with a gentle expression in his clear eyes.

“I still think youre the cutest when you have the benevolence of a doctor.”

Benevolence of a doctor…

Listening to these four words, Yun Xi lowered her eyes slightly.

She played with the warm barley water in her hand, and her rosy lips seemed to have a hint of bitterness.

There had been a lot of things happening recently, and the meaning of these four words to her was no longer as pure and simple as before.

Mu Feichi was right.

Her hands can save or hurt people.

There was a thin line between saving and hurting people.

She killed people who deserved to be killed: the sinful.

It was just that in many cases she couldnt do it with peace of mind.

She wasnt as omnipotent as Mu Feichi.

She couldnt help but blame herself, and she hated herself when she was hurting people.

“There are some things that you cant choose yourself, so just have to follow your own heart.”

“Follow your heart… Is following Young Marshal Mu following your heart I know you want to be strong, but I dont want to see you suffer.

Its okay for girls to be pampered.”

Yun Xi smiled and shook her head.

“No, I have something I want to chase after.

I have to put in the effort.

No pain, no gain.”

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