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Chapter 577: The Training Ground

Mu Chongli had always been curious about what kind of girl his precious son would be attracted to.

It wasnt until she had successfully completed an operation that many doctors in the hospital wouldnt do for Madame Si that he realized that he needed to get to know this little girl.

In terms of beauty, at such a young age, she hadnt really grown up yet.

Puberty does wonders for women, so she had infinite potential in the future.

Jingdu didnt have any shortage of women who were more beautiful and more age-appropriate for Mu Feichi.

To be the madame of the Mu familys patriarch…simply having beauty was perhaps enough.

But to be Mu Feichis wife, simply having beauty was far from enough.

He was a man from the Mu family.

He carried the entire Mu family on his shoulders and faced the threat of death at all times.

His woman couldnt be his weakness, nor could she be his burden.

Only if they were evenly matched and rose above the herd could she stand by his side.

Otherwise, she would only become an existence that dragged him down.

And his stupid son had chosen her…

The reason for his determination was ridiculous in the eyes of him, his father.

Accompany him to a battlefield

How could she, a girl with a scalpel, accompany him

Even if she became a doctor, she would only be able to work behind the scenes.

If she didnt have enough abilities, she could still become a weakness for him.

Therefore, while Mu Feichi was away, Mu Chongli wanted to see how capable this woman, who had a marriage contract with the Jiang family, had also been a lifesaver of the Chen family, a target of the Han family, and the Su familys enemy, was.

She alone could influence the four major families.

This advantage allowed her to control the situation, but could also easily become her Achilles heel.

It all depended on whether she was just a pretty vase or someone with actual substance.

Knowing how to balance the power dynamic between the prominent families in Jingdu was a skill that the madame of a clans ruler should know.

If she was empty-headed, then even if Mu Feichi objected, he would stop him in the end.

Mu Chongli withdrew his gaze.

His sharp eyes still filled with curiosity and criticism, he said, “Miss Yun, you dont seem to be surprised to see me.

Since you arent, can you guess why I have come to see you”

Yun Xi shook her head slightly.

She really didnt know what Mu Chongli was looking for, but she knew it must be related to his son.

If it werent for Mu Feichi, she wouldnt have the opportunity to have any contact with such a big shot.

“My son admires you very much.”

Yun Xi smiled.

Mu Chongli got straight to the point, so she didnt need to be evasive either.

“In your eyes, Im afraid that Young Marshal Mus appreciation for me isnt enough to move you.”

“Yes! Youre very smart.” Mu Chongli nodded.

“From what I know about my kid, hes probably granted you the position of Madame Mu, am I right”

Yun Xi didnt deny it, and nodded.

Mu Chongli felt a little uneasy.

That rascal had actually done so.

“Well, what do you think Do you think youre capable and qualified enough to sit in that position”

Her eyes gleaming with determination and calm, Yun Xi shook her head.

“Young Marshal Mu deserves a better woman than I am.

With his status, he needs someone who can stand by his side and be evenly matched with him, not a little girl like me, who has no power, no distinguished background, and is even dragged down by bad relatives.

Whats more, my relationship with Young Marshal Mu isnt the kind of relationship you think it is.”

“Whether it is or not, hes adamant that youre his one and only.

I know my son, and no one can change his mind.”

Yun Xi also felt a little helpless.

After several months of getting along, she understood Mu Feichi and naturally understood that no one could change his mind.

“So, Ill give you the chance to either persuade him to give up on you or use your strength to allow me to acknowledge you.”

Yun Xi froze, and her clear eyes appeared confused.

“Im sorry, I dont understand what you mean.”

“Were now driving to the training ground.

If you can rely on your strength to get out, I wont interfere in this matter between you and my son.”

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