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Chapter 579: Hunter or Prey

However, he seemed to have forgotten to ask her opinion.

The fact that she really wasnt in that kind of relationship with his son aside, if there had been something and they really had been in that kind of relationship, it would be normal for him to make such a request.

But they werent.

“Sir, what if I dont agree” Yun Xi asked boldly.

Although she also wanted to become stronger and empower the Yun family, she wanted to rely on her own efforts.

Although the Mu familys intervention could save her a lot of time and energy, allowing her to take fewer detours, she really didnt want to do it that way.

After her rebirth, apart from changing her destiny, she also wanted to enjoy life.

To stand next to Mu Feichi, she probably needed not only courage, but also a little luck.

She was certain that her background, her greedy father and her vulgar mother, were destined to drag her down.

They could even hurt the Mu family.

Even if she could afford to suffer this humiliation, what about the Mu family

She would become Mu Feichis weakness, a smear that couldnt be erased.

Mu Chongli glanced at her.

His calm, stern face changed slightly.

It seemed as if he wasnt giving her any choice at all.

“Im not giving you any choice about whether you want to do it or not.

Either you become stronger, or I will destroy you.”

Mu Chonglis current stance was clearly that of a bandit.

He was threatening her.

To put it simply, it was for the sake of their future.

It was necessary that she would be qualified enough to be worthy of him.

To put it more bluntly, he was saying that his son had fallen in love with her so she had to do it no matter what.

Like father, like son.

Mu Feichi and his father both behaved in the same overbearing way and were similarly unreasonable.

Yun Xi knew that whatever she said was pointless, so she didnt plan to speak anymore.

She was now in his hands, and there was probably no way to escape.

The two cars before and after their car were filled with strong bodyguards.

She wouldnt be able to outrun these cars.

There was no need to ask for more trouble for herself.

After driving out of the city, the car parked in a spacious barrier-free area, and a helicopter landed on flat ground.

The men in the two cars that had been protecting their car got out and circled around their car.

Chief of Staff Lin, who was in the passenger seat, got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat.

Mu Chongli got out of the car and Yun Xi followed.

Outside the car, two heavily armed men with camouflage paint on their faces stood silently holding a set of camouflage uniforms and boots.

They saluted Mu Chongli.

Mu Chongli turned his head and glanced at Yun Xi, then said without changing his facial expression, “Go into the car to change.

People cant see inside the car.

Ill give you five minutes.


Yun Xi sighed slightly.

Even though she was condemning him in her heart, she could only obediently grab the combat uniform and rush into the car.

Time was the key.

With a group of well-trained men and even a big shot waiting for her, she dared not play rogue in front of them.

She quickly changed into the camouflage uniform and got out of the car.

As soon as Yun Xi stood upright, the two men standing in front of her painted a layer of paint on her face.

Mu Chongli turned around and glanced briefly at the smallest combat uniform that had been specially prepared for her.

When she wore it, she appeared somewhat flamboyant and heroic.

“Hunter or prey, you choose.”

Yun Xi frowned slightly and raised her eyes to meet Mu Chonglis sharp eyes.

“Sir, I want to know how many opponents I have.”

Mu Chongli snorted softly.

His deep, thick voice sounded cold and merciless as he said, “If you were on the battlefield now, would your enemy tell you how many people he has”

Got it! Shed asked a stupid question.

Whether she would be a hunter hunting prey hidden in the dark, or a prey being hunted by hunters hidden in the dark, her strength would determine her choice.

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