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Chapter 580: You Wont Qualify to Become My Daughter-in-Law

Because she didnt know how many enemies she had, Yun Xi gritted her teeth and said, “I want to be a hunter!”

Whether she was a hunter or a prey, she must be in a vigilant state at all times.

She was certain that her opponents were a group of well-trained men.

They were better at hiding in the jungle and better at hunting than she was.

As long as she couldnt see through their disguises and couldnt kill them, she, the hunter, would always be passive.

Sure enough, as soon as she chose, Mu Chongli reminded her, “Youre a hunter for only 12 hours.

If you cant kill the prey within 12 hours, then the prey will counterattack.”

The meaning of his words was very simple.

If she couldnt kill the prey within the stipulated amount of time, then she would become the target of the prey and be killed by her opponents.

Yun Xi took a deep breath, raised her hand, and took the backpack that Mu Chongli was handing over to her.

Her entire mind was blank.

She didnt know how to use this stuff at all.

Even hitting a target was an issue, so it was useless to give this thing to her.

As soon as she got it, she knew she looked scared.

“Its all empty shells here.

That rascal should have taught you how to fire a gun, right”

“If I say no, would you believe it, sir”

“Id believe it.” Mu Chongli nodded.

“So, listen, I dont ask much of you.

As long as I can hit the prey, youll be fine.

Xiao Lin, send her to Zone D.”

Special Assistant Lin froze, and then he raised his eyes and looked at Mu Chongli, “Sir, isnt Zone D a little too dangerous for her If Young Marshal Mu knew…”

“Hes in a foreign country now, so what if he finds out” Mu Chongli turned his head, and his sharp eyes fell on Yun Xi.

“If you cant even get out of Zone D, you wont qualify to become my daughter-in-law!”

“…” Yun Xi was really at her wits end at this moment.

She hadnt even agreed to become his daughter-in-law, okay

But now, everything she said was pointless.

In the command meeting room in Country F…

Mu Feichi was commanding the team members to lie in hiding in the command room when he received a call from one of his subordinates.

The person on the other end reported that Yun Xi had been taken away by Mu Chongli.

His facial expression instantly changed.

After hanging up, he turned to Grey Wolf, who was typing on his keyboard, and said, “In five minutes, hack the Red Command Room!”

“…” Grey Wolf was stunned.

All the other people in the room looked at him in shock when theyd heard what he had said.

Li Zilan walked over and looked at him quizzically, “Isnt the Red Command Room…Mr.

Mus command room Whats happened”

He wouldnt hack his fathers command room out of the blue at this juncture.

Moreover, the firewall of the Red Command Room wasnt an ordinary firewall, so five minutes wasnt going to be enough to hack into it.

“Boss, five minutes isnt enough time.” Grey Wolf looked helpless.

The Red Command Room had a special-level firewall.

Even though he was an advanced hacker, it took time to hack into.

Plus, if they did so, it would be tantamount to breaking the law.

“Ill do it then.”

Mu Feichi glanced at him coldly, turned around, and walked to his seat, and turned on the computer to do it himself.

“What the h*ll is going on What did your father do to you now”

His expression cold, Mu Feichis eyes fell on the laptops blue screen.

“He took Yun Xi away!”

Li Zilan froze.

“Maybe he took Yun Xi away just to ask her some questions.

What are you so nervous for”

“I never thought it would be a good idea for him to go look for her.

Why not look for her when I was around”

But he went to look for her when Mu Feichi was out of the country.

Wasnt his purpose obvious enough

If it was just to say a few words, why did he deliberately do it when he wasnt there

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