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Chapter 581: Mu Feichi, Youre Too Brazen!

In the training area of Zone D, the helicopter hovered over the forest.

Special Assistant Lin helped Yun Xi to climb down the rope from the helicopter and handed over the backpack and jungle equipment to her.

Then he hurriedly climbed back into the helicopter.

With a dazed expression on her face, Yun Xi stared blankly at the helicopter disappearing from her sight, and then at the surrounding lush jungle.

They had just thrown her into the jungle and tasked her with dealing with an unknown number of prey.

Every prey was a well-trained elite, and some were even masters of the jungle battlefield.

They were good at hiding and ambushing.

She had just broken into their territory as a rookie.

She was a hunter, but, in their eyes, she was the prey.

Raising her hand, she lifted the field electronic watch on her wrist and pressed the 12-hour countdown to start.

It was noon, and she had only 12 hours before midnight this evening.

As soon as it got dark, her vision in the woods would get even worse.

With her current rookie abilities, she hadnt even trained in the field at night.

As long as the prey hidden in the woods survived for 12 hours, they would be activated and hunt her as a target.

At that time, she would become the target of everyone.

No matter where she hid, any hidden prey could shoot at her.

She would have no ability to fight back at all.

Even if Mu Chongli had equipped her, a hunter, with all the equipment and resources, the only ones she could use right now were those she had.

The target range of the helicopter was too large, the prey were hidden in the jungle, so the target couldnt be found when looking down from above.

If cars couldnt drive into the mountains, even if there was an off-road vehicle, it would be futile.

Now, she was all by herself.

All she had was the equipment on her body and the little field training knowledge she had learned from Li Zilan in the past.

From now on, she, the hunter, needed to run all over the mountain to find prey.

She raised her head and noticed a surveillance camera installed on a tree.

She then realized that her every move in the entire area was within Mu Chonglis monitoring range.

What she didnt know was that her every move also had fallen into the sights of Mu Feichi, who had hacked into his fathers Red Command Room.

The surveillance screen of the Red Command Room turned into a black screen for an instant, and white English words and numbers intruded in garbled characters.

“Sir, someone has hacked into our system!”

Special Assistant Lin looked at the numbers and English words that were constantly jumping up on the screen and turned his head nervously to report.

Mu Chongli seemed to have guessed who it was.

He raised his hand slightly to prevent the programmers from stopping and reestablished the firewall to resist the intrusion.

“Even though the invader has come to our doorsteps, all visitors are guests.”

As soon as Mu Chonglis voice sounded, the people in the command room didnt understand what he meant.

However, then Mu Feichis handsome face appeared on the screen.

Upon seeing him, Special Assistant Lin was a little surprised.

He opened his mouth and stood behind Mu Chongli and watched the awe-inspiring man on the screen.

Like father, like son.

The men in the Mu family have always been the subjects of admiration.

“Mu Chongli, what do you mean by taking my people away”

At the other end of the video, Mu Feichi went straight to the point without any superficial pleasantries.

“I asked Miss Yun to come over as a guest, yet now youve gone through so much trouble to hack into our Red Command Room.

Mu Feichi, youre too brazen!”

“Likewise.” Mu Feichi snorted coldly.

From his arrogant and uncompromising attitude, he didnt look like hed come to negotiate terms with him.

“Mu Chongli, I never liked others crossing my bottom line.

Youve crossed the line.

Send her back to me immediately, otherwise, dont blame me for being merciless with you.”

“Then Im sorry, but youre too late.

Ive already sent her to the training area in Zone D.”

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