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Chapter 582: Ill Show You Today That Shes Worthy of Me

Mu Feichis expression sank as soon as he heard the words “Zone D.”

Zone D was the most dangerous training zone.

There were swamps, jungles, forests, abandoned factories, and lots of impassable barriers.

It was a place used for training and learning survival skills in the wild.

It was a good place to train men.

The bodyguards who would come out of there all turned into first-class players, and the elites of the Mu Group that he depended on had all experienced Zone D.

However, ever since the place had been taken over by his pervert of a father, Mu Chongli had started raising a pack of wolves in the forests of Zone D.

Now he had thrown Yun Xi into Zone D.

For an untrained girl, it was tantamount to sending her to her death.

“Mu Chongli, what are you trying to do” As soon as hed heard that Yun Xi had been sent to Zone D, Mu Feichi was crazed with anxiety.

He couldnt bear to have her get hurt.

Even though hed let Li Zilan train her, he would always keep an eye on her as much as possible for fear of her being hurt.

Now, Mu Chongli had blatantly challenged his authority.

He was simply asking to die.

“What do you think I want to do” Mu Chongli sneered.

“If she cant even get out of Zone D, what qualifications does she have to be the wife of my son and join the Mu family”

“What does it have to do with you! Youre not the one getting married.

Even if I wanted to test her, I would do it personally.

What does it have to do with you”

“You will do it personally With your temperament, how could you not show leniency Mu Feichi, its not a good thing to be too protective.”

“It seems that we have nothing left to say to each other.” Anxious, Mu Feichi didnt want to talk nonsense with his father anymore.

He got straight to the point.

“If something happens to her in Zone D, then youd better get Special Assistant Lin to prepare some medicine for you.

When I, your son, go crazy, even I cant guarantee what I will do to you.”

“Do you think Im afraid of you” Since Mu Chongli had dared to throw Yun Xi into Zone D, he was prepared to confront Mu Feichi.

“Mu Feichi, you should also know very clearly that the woman who can stand next to you is destined to be an extraordinary person.

If she doesnt even have the ability to protect herself, she will only drag you down.

You can forget your identity, but you shouldnt forget how many people are praying for your downfall at all times.

Even if you dont think about yourself, you should think about her.

Dont wait until your head over heels in love to have a harsh reality check.”

He would never be able to forget how his wife had passed away so early so many years ago.

When he thought of her who had died way too early, he had endless regrets.

He had endured so many years of depression and longing, and he didnt want his son to have to bear this as well.

“…” Mu Chonglis words suddenly struck a nerve in Mu Feichis heart.

He hadnt worried about any of these problems.

Every time, he had simply been reluctant to have her endure hardships, let alone have her get hurt.

“Are you afraid that I would kill her Now that youve invaded the Red Command Room system, you can keep watch over her from the surveillance camera.

Since childhood, youve always known what you wanted.

This is the woman you have chosen, so her intelligence and capabilities must be worthy of your choice.”

Sitting across from Mu Feichi, Li Zilan raised her hand and gestured at him.

Mu Feichi understood what she meant.

“Then Ill show you today that shes worthy of me.”

With that said, Mu Feichi withdrew from the video call on the screen.

After a while, the screen cut into the surveillance footage of the forest treetops.

At the same time, the surveillance footage of Zone D was also being shown on Mu Feichis computer.

He quickly scanned hundreds of surveillance cameras and finally found Yun Xis figure on a small path in the forest.

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