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Chapter 583: First Target Wiped Out

It was afternoon, and rays of sunlight filtered through the treetops and shone on the forest.

Bright and dazzling, the rays of light sprinkled the grass, the leaves, the undergrowth.

Keeping her eyes open for any movements around her as she walked, Yun Xi walked in the woods for a long time.

This area was a good hiding spot, and there must be a lot of prey hidden in the forest.

She was keeping track of time, and 12 hours hadnt yet passed.

Even if she was walking right in front of them now, they couldnt do anything to her.

In this case, her situation was very passive.

However, if all the prey in this area werent wiped out before 12 hours had passed, no matter where she went, it will be she who will be wiped out.

When that time is up, she will be the one out in the light, while they will be hiding in the dark.

She will have no way to fight back.

Therefore, she must eliminate all the targets she can find before she becomes a target and gets eliminated.

After patrolling in the woods for a while, she noticed an excellent ambush position.

As she got near this position on a commanding high ground, she quickly jumped into the bushes.

Creeping through the bushes, she cautiously approached the ambush position.

At this commanding high ground, she guessed that there would be prey.

If she rushed up, the prey will quickly move away from the ambush position when he sees her coming up the mountain.

By the time she reached the commanding ground, the prey would have long disappeared.

For this reason, she had jumped into the bushes.

From the bushes, she squinted, carefully observing her surroundings.

The place where she lay was in a blind spot.

The ambush point she was keeping an eye on was relatively high up.

When the sun shone, any gun would easily be exposed when the sun reflected upon it.

After lying in ambush in silence for a while, she finally saw a dazzling spot of light in a bush farther up on the commanding ground.

She didnt know whether it was because of the transfer of sunlight or because of the breeze blowing through the forest, but the static flashing point became the target of exposure instead.

Yun Xi set up her gun, adjusted the angle of the periscope, and, gritting her teeth, aimed the gun at the shining spot higher up the mountain.

With her marksmanship, she would be lucky if she could hit the target.

Watching the surveillance footage, Mu Feichi silently watched the figure lying on the ground aiming her gun.

The little rascal hadnt disappointed him.

She had successfully found her first prey.

As a hunter, she had little chance of winning because she hadnt been fully trained yet.

She didnt know how many prey there were in the entire Zone D, so it wouldnt be easy to take them down one by one.

But if she was the prey, and the members of the Mu Group were to pursue her, being chased around the mountains and hiding in the mountains would also be a big challenge for her.

It was cold outside now, so no matter how well hidden she was, the test was still very demanding in terms of physical strength and stamina.

As long as she could take down some targets now, it would be a good start for her.

Its just that he hadnt taught her how to fire a gun yet, so he couldnt guarantee that she knew how to use a gun at all.

Lying on the ground, Yun Xi took a deep breath.

According to some tricks she had learned from Li Zilan, she judged the speed and deflection in the air, and, after making sure that she wasnt making any mistakes, she clenched her teeth and fired her first shot.

With a bang, the gun was fired, and a cloud of blue smoke rose from the shining spot on the mountain.

The member of the Mu Group who had been hit looked at the smoke rising from his body, and, resigned to his fate, he stood up from the bushes.

Seeing that she had hit the prey, Yun Xi hurriedly got up from the bushes and approached the high ground.

She walked for more than half an hour, when finally she saw a figure.

The prey who had been hit by her looked at the quickly moving figure, put away the gun in his hand, and, a little embarrassed, grabbed his hat that was covered with camouflage cloth strips.

“Im the first target that you wiped out.

Now, Im dead.

You can take what you want from me.”

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